Faces of the Markets

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Faces of the MarketsElizabeth Clark – Peace. Love. Lotus.

Oct 18, 20223 min read
Elizabeth Clark was raised in Green Bay and recently moved back “home” to Hobart after going through a divorce.

Faces of the MarketSusan Wall — Apple Lane Orchard

Oct 10, 20222 min read
Susan Wall, who owns Apple Lane Orchard along with her father Wilbert Lewis and son Josh Wall, said apples were not the family’s first foray

Faces of the Markets Kathy Bukouricz — Monzu Bakery and Custom Cakes

Oct 4, 20222 min read
Monzu Bakery and Custom Cakes has been a staple of Broadway as both a storefront and a regular vendor at the farmers’ market

Faces of the MarketDarren Kornowske — Select Greek Olive Oil

Sep 28, 20222 min read
When Darren Kornowske says he has the world’s best olive oil, you don’t have to take his word for it – he can prove it.
Faces of the Market: Cherri VonDerVellen — Cherri Blossom Creations

Faces of the Market: Cherri VonDerVellen — Cherri Blossom Creations

Sep 19, 20223 min read
With roughly two decades of crafting experience, Cherri VonDerVellen of Cherri Blossom Creations created several different art forms

Faces of the Market: Katelyn Naghtin — The Dough Shoppe

Sep 13, 20224 min read
Five years ago, a visit to an edible cookie dough shop on an out-of-state trip inspired Shannon Heupel and Katelyn Naghtin to start The Dough

Faces of the Market

Sep 3, 20223 min read
What started as a hobby has grown into a business for Rebecca Justiniano, owner of Pepperberry Studio and creator of metal stamped jewelry.
Faces of the markets

Faces of the markets

Aug 12, 20223 min read
A farm started to help their son pursue his dreams of farming turned Pat Radtke, who owns Clark Lake Farms, LLC into accidental farmers

Faces of the Markets: Misty Nagan – SilverWear by Misty

Jul 27, 20222 min read
As a third generation silverware artist, Misty Nagan, owner of SilverWear by Misty, said she has carried on her grandmother’s tradition of upcycling vintage silverware into wearable art for more than eight years.

Faces of the Markets: Jennifer Nowicki – Cultivate Taste Tea

Jul 19, 20224 min read
Jennifer Nowicki, owner of Cultivate Taste Tea Salon, said her passion for all things tea began at a young age, thanks to her grandmother.
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