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Darren Kornowske — Select Greek Olive Oil

When Darren Kornowske says he has the world’s best olive oil, you don’t have to take his word for it – he can prove it.

In March he put his Ariston olive oil up against 50,000 others in international competitions in New York and Dubai.

In June it won gold in both.

“We don’t take this award lightly,” Kornowske said. “The name on the bottle is Ariston, which is Greek for the very best.”

Kornowske said he works closely with orchard grove owner and olive farmer Tom Doukas from Messina, Greece to bring the finest products to American tables.

Kornowske said starting with quality ingredients is what sets his oils apart.

“Our oil is made with clean, fresh olives that are pressed within 24 hours after picking and processed without solvents,” Kornowske said. “When we make a flavored oil like garlic or blood orange, we don’t cheapen the product by adding flavored esters – we actually use the oil of the flavor so we don’t lower flash points and are not feeding you and your family chemicals.”

His website, selectgreekoliveoils.com, offers other unique products including salts of various flavors including dried garlic, tomato, basil and natural spices – all from Greece of course.

“Our jams are unique,” Kornowske said. “They’re all European recipes and flavors Americans don’t think of like orange whiskey, lemon caramelized ginger, strawberry basil, etc. We’ve got numerous flavored olive oils, regular extra virgin olive oils, wild olive oil, traditional and flavored 12- and 25-year aged balsamics, honeys from our olive groves, tapenades and pestos.”

Kornowske currently sells his goods at the Wednesday farmers’ market on Broadway and the Saturday morning market in Appleton.

“I’ve been working farmers’ markets since 2008, and I love interacting with the people at the farmers’ market and sometimes giving them a hard time, all in fun of course,” Kornowske said.

In addition to the markets, Kornowske’s products can be found at local retailers including Uncle Mike’s Bake Shop, Allouez Cottage, Homestead Decor, Old World Pastries, Bulk-Priced Food Shoppe, Manderfield’s Bakery, Lark Country Store and others.

“Long story short, come visit us,” Kornowske said. “We are the world’s best olive oil and we know what’s in our bottles and the pureness and the flavors will absolutely floor you.”

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