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Faces of the Market

Rebecca Justiniano — Pepperberry Studio

What started as a hobby has grown into a business for Rebecca Justiniano, owner of Pepperberry Studio and creator of metal stamped jewelry and accessories.

The “pepper” in Pepperberry Studio represents Justiniano’s spicy personality — which sometimes makes its way into her products.

“I started stamping on metal in 2018. It started out as something just for me to do, but other people liked my bracelets so here I am now with a small business of it,” she said. “It has evolved from simple bracelets with words in only one style to so much more to choose from.”

Justiniano hopes her metal stamped jewelry and accessories give her customers the motivation they need to get through the day.

Justiniano said the bracelets she began with are still popular, but that her business has expanded to include just about any metal item.

“I mostly make rings and bracelets,” she said. “But I also make necklaces, keychains, bottle openers — pretty much anything that is made from metal.”

The name Pepperberry Studio, Justiniano said, reflects both the spicy and sweet sides of her art.
“I wanted something that would better reflect who I am and what I do,” she said. “So with pepper, that’s my spicy, because sometimes I’m spicy and swear in my art. The berry represents the sweet side of my business — the flowers and rainbows.”

Justiniano said she hopes her business and the products she creates brighten her customers’ days.
“I have a bunch of designs that people love, and if I can put a smile on their faces, I know I have done my job,” she said. “My business goal is to give someone the motivation to get through their day, and if a tiny ring with a cat that reminds them of their fur baby helps them, then I feel I have succeeded.”

The “berry” in Pepperyberry represents Justiniano’s sweet side — the flowers and rainbows of the business.

Justiniano said her most popular products at the farmers’ markets are her custom pieces.

“I think I am the only metal stamper in the area that offers on-the-spot custom items,” she said. “I bring all my tools and many stamps [to the market] for everyone to select from. Most items take only a few minutes to create, and the best part is that they get to see it being made and leave with it right away.”

While selling jewelry is certainly a perk, Justiniano said bringing joy to people who see her jewelry is enough to make going to the farmers’ market worthwhile.

“The market is always a good time! I love hearing everyone’s stories and seeing the joy I can bring to them,” she said. “Even if they didn’t purchase anything, if they saw something in my booth that made them laugh or smile, I did something to brighten their day.”

Justiniano’s creations can be found on Wednesdays at the Farmers’ Market on Broadway or at pepperberrystudio.com.

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