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Christmas Past

Christmas Past

Dec 1, 20221 min read
Into the Past Christmas shoppers jam downtown Green Bay the Saturday after Thanksgiving in this 1960 photograph.

Jennifer Frisch

Dec 1, 20223 min read
I was looking for something new to try, and I saw an old wood burning kit in my parent’s basement and taught myself how to use it.

Frozen Falls

Nov 30, 20221 min read
An unseasonable cold snap last weekend that saw temperatures plummet from the mid 70s to lows in the single digits within a week flash-froze

Christmas Jubilee delivers holiday joy to cancer patients

Nov 28, 20225 min read
The corner of N. Washington and Pine streets is aglow with more than 100 festive wreaths this holiday season, each one decorated with care.


Nov 27, 20221 min read
Every Friday evening through Dec. 16, On Broadway, Inc. will be putting on a ‘Christkindlmarket’ to offer vendors and small businesses…

If walls could talk…Lost in the ashes of the Celebrity Room

Oct 29, 20226 min read
There’s much to be said about the now defunct Carlton West. When it burned to the ground on Jan. 6, 1986, there was much speculation


Oct 3, 20223 min read
I began music with the piano in second grade when my elementary school cut their music program. I then learned the ukulele, cello, clarinet
fiber art

Artist Angle: Ann Trotter

Oct 2, 20223 min read
I began my artistic career as a fiber artist, designing and creating pictorial quilts. I am in love with bright, pure color, in my art pieces

Local laughs abound in Let Me Be Frank’s ‘Manitowoc Munsters’

Sep 30, 20226 min read
Maritime Drive is no longer the hottest roadway in Manitowoc now that the Munsters have come to town to live at 1313 Mockingbird Ln.
The Next Generation of Band

The Next Generation of Band

Sep 29, 20223 min read
I love the community aspect of band and music and being able to express myself through the music I play, I made a band with my friends
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