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Covering four state championship teams was a treat

Covering four state championship teams was a treat

Mar 26, 20235 min read
March has truly been madness.In the last three weeks, I’ve covered games at the Cornerstone Community Center, the Kress Center at UW-Green Bay

Outsiders can’t block records access

Sep 13, 20223 min read
Wisconsin’s open records law is most often used by requesters seeking to obtain records from a government agency.
Brown County

Press Times is official newspaper of the City of Green Bay

May 18, 20222 min read
The official newspaper of the City of Green Bay – has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And you better get used to it, now and into the future.

Homelessness in Brown County: More work ahead

May 11, 20224 min read
Homelessness in Brown County prevails as St. John’s Homeless Shelter, the area’s last-resort, seasonal shelter, closes its doors for the season.

Excitement is building with Mulva Cultural Center construction

Apr 21, 20223 min read
The Center’s visionaries and benefactors, James and Miriam Mulva, are thrilled the building frame came together in just a few short months

One-dimensional living

Nov 15, 20212 min read
Sometimes I think I am living this world in only one dimension.

Legislators’ actions on special education are inexcusable

Nov 5, 20217 min read
The recently approved Green Bay School District budget includes a transfer of more than $33 million from the general fund to cover special education costs.

Marital dating

Nov 1, 20212 min read
How’s your marriage? Are you and your spouse doing well? Terrific! But this column is not for you; it’s for the people who are struggling.

Stand up for the ‘invisible ones’

Oct 25, 20213 min read
If you are a regular reader of this column, you may have noticed that the plight of the homeless has my specialattention.

How much is enough?

Oct 18, 20211 min read
We always seem to be striving for more. In some ways, it’s a good thing. The more we work, the more wealth we generate for ourselves and our families.
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