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The Next Generation of Artists

Cerese Voyles – West De Pere ceramics, band

Cerese Voyles started playing alto saxophone in fifth grade. While at West De Pere High School, she played in the marching band, concert band and jazz band. Submitted Photo

Name: Cerese Voyles

Nickname: Sisso (by my sister)

School: West De Pere

Area of interest: Ceramics, band

Parents: Tom and Jan Voyles

West De Pere senior Cerese Voyles said her interest in ceramics started just last year when she took a ceramics class, but her interest in art started long before then.

“I knew since I was little that I really wanted to try it, because it looked like so much fun,” she said. “The very first time I tried to throw something on the wheel, I was able to make a bowl that I still have. I have recently started selling some of my pieces, which I am very proud of. I was also able to show some of my art this year in our school art show, which I never thought that I would be able to do.”

Voyles said her artistic interests include band as well, starting the saxophone as a fifth grader.

“I knew I wanted to play an instrument because my sister, who is just a few years older than me, really enjoyed it too,” she said. “It was instantly something I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.”

Voyles said some of her best memories of high school involve band.

“I am very happy that in my senior year, I was able to be drum major, section leader and first alto in jazz band,” she said. “Some of my best memories from band are the jazz festivals that we would go to. They were always so much fun and so much laughing happened.”

Volyes said she played in the marching band, concert band and jazz band, each giving her the opportunity to showcase her skills.

“I absolutely love playing in the pit band for musicals,” she said. “I am also very proud that I have been able to show art as well as play in the jazz band at our Fine Arts Night.”

Voyles will attend St. Nobert College in the fall pursuing a French education degree.

“I would also like to eventually open my own ceramics studio,” she said.

What six words would you say describe you best? Kind, understanding, diligent, compassionate, conscientious and optimistic.

Do you have any hidden talents? Public speaking.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve received? Always be the most authentic version of yourself, no matter what.

What advice would you have to other students thinking of starting with ceramics, band? If you find it is something you enjoy, don’t let other people diminish your joy. Do it for you and for your enjoyment.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? Telepathy.

Milk, white or dark chocolate? Dark chocolate.

What is your first childhood memory? My second birthday party when I had a Snow White cake that turned my sister’s mouth completely blue.

Favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever had? Lily Munster.

Cereal: Special K Red Berries with coconut water
TV show: That 70s Show
Pizza topping: Coconut
Guilty pleasure: Oreos
Candy: Unreal chocolate coconut bars

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