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Labor Day

Dear Reader,

Labor Day weekend is a busy time for a lot of businesses.

Stores, hopefully our local stores that give back to our community, are brimming with shoppers.

Entertainment venues are bursting, and everyone is up and out for that final summer celebration.

But what does Labor Day really mean?

It is not just a long weekend with the family, or a simple day off before school begins and work resumes.

It is a celebration of the accomplishments of the American labor movement – the men and women who struggled so that we can have a 40-hour work week, paid overtime, protections against child labor, benefits, and more.

It is an acknowledgment of those who came before us and gave their time and energy – and sometimes their lives – for a fairer and more just return on effort, so that in this great nation, anyone who is willing to work hard has the chance to get ahead.

As we go about the business of enjoying a final summer’s celebration, let’s remember those men and women with gratitude and respect.

Patrick J. Wood
Author of “Dear Reader,” available at Bosses (Green Bay) and the
Bookcellar (Waupaca) and on Amazon.
All profits go toward eradicating homelessness in Wisconsin.

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