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FROM THE EDITOR: Artstreet starts Friday 

By Ben Rodgers

Mark your calendars now, because this weekend in Green Bay you will not want to miss the 38th year of Artstreet.

Close to 200 artists from around the country will descend on downtown Green Bay, transforming the area into a vibrant, interactive and captivating exhibit of the arts.

There is nothing quite like Artstreet in all the Midwest. The event is expected to draw more than 80,000 people over a three-day span, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“We bring beautiful art out into the public for everyone to enjoy,” said Silvija Jensen, executive director of Mosaic Arts, the organization that hosts Artstreet. “I love that we celebrate art in such a fun way.”

Artstreet will host a lineup of music, food and art activities for children and adults throughout the weekend.

Plus, if you are looking for a showpiece to hang above your mantle, there is no better place to see what artists offer and to get to know more about them at the work they do.

The quirky Tom Krueger will be there, celebrating 50 years as an artist. Olivia Crocker, 15, will be showcasing her painstakingly detailed drawings. Charlotte Fung Miller will showcase her knowledge of the ancient art of Chinese brush-stroke calligraphy.

If those don’t entice you, you still have about 200 more artists to meet and talk to about their process.

The best part about art is that everyone will have their own opinion of a piece, what they like about it and what makes it special to them.

The best part about Artstreet is getting to talk to the artists behind the canvas and learning their impetuous and desire, the what, why and how behind their work.

We all have individual stories, reasons we act the way we do, events that inspired us to become who we are today.

Art can be powerful, loaded with meaning. That meaning might stem from any number of emotions ranging from whimsical to oppression.

At Artstreet you can meet people talented enough to transform their emotions into something tangible. A piece you can hold in your hands that might be an expression of someone’s brightest joys or darkest depths. You can also bring that piece home.

If you don’t want to get into the whys and hows that tick in the minds of artists, you can come out and sample tasty eats from vendors and food trucks, enjoy a beverage and take in some live music or even belly dancing.

If you feel lucky, there will be a raffle where art will be won for a fraction of the price.

Artstreet proves the arts are alive and not only well, but flourishing in the area.

The Press Times is proud to be a sponsor of Artstreet and we truly hope you spend some time downtown enjoying the sights of art, the sounds of music and the smells and tastes of delicious food. Where else can you indulge all your senses?

For more information on this year’s Artstreet, look for a handout at the event from The Press Times, where we have published an extensive guide to this expressive event.

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