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Senior Savvy: Top financial scams targeting seniors today

Nov 16, 20224 min read
What are the most common scams today that target elderly seniors? My 75-year-old mother has been swindled several times

Savvy Senior: What you’ll pay for Medicare in 2023

Oct 31, 20224 min read
I’ve read that retirees will be getting a nice cost-of-living increase in our Social Security benefits next year but what about Medicare?

Savvy Senior: Free online hearing tests you can take at home

Oct 3, 20224 min read
Can you recommend any good online hearing tests? My husband has hearing loss, but I can’t get him to go in and get his hearing checked

Savvy SeniorFlu vaccines that are recommended for older adults

Sep 22, 20224 min read
I just turned 65 and would like to learn more about the stronger flu shots I see advertised for older adults.

Savvy Senior

Sep 5, 20224 min read
Dear Savvy Senior, What kind of changes can Medicare beneficiaries expect to see in the Inflation Reduction Act

Savvy Senior

Aug 31, 20224 min read
Can you recommend any services that check in on elderly seniors who live alone? I live about 200 miles from my 82-year-old mother and worry

Savvy Senior

Aug 24, 20224 min read
I received a “notice of change” letter from my Medicare provider. Should I expect another one this year, and what should I do with it?
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