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Bay Area Blooms: The most beautiful time of the year

Oct 7, 20225 min read
I love the cooler temperatures, the fresh feeling, but what I enjoy the most are the spectacular fall colors.

Bay Area Blooms

Sep 4, 20225 min read
Woodland flowers have to bloom early in the spring before the trees are fully leafed out, but prairies plants can take full advantage of long

Battling the garden super weed – quackgrass

Jun 22, 20224 min read
Every gardener knows that battling weeds comes with the trade, but nothing compares to the enemy with superpowers that silently spreads its poisonous roots.
Fall colors

Bay Area Blooms: Fantastic fall colors

Oct 14, 20214 min read
We are about to enter what I consider the most beautiful season, peak fall colors. We are blessed with red and sugar maples and many species of oaks. 

Bay Area Blooms: That magical monarch migration

Sep 8, 20215 min read
If you have been outdoors recently, you’ve noticed monarch butterflies heading south to the Sierra Madre Mountains of Central Mexico.

Bay Area Blooms: Prairie flowers put on show

Jul 14, 20214 min read
By mid-June, all but a few of the woodland spring ephemeral plants are done blooming, but as the days become longer, the prairie plants start their show.

Bay Area Blooms: It’s peak wildflower season

May 18, 20214 min read
Trilliums, jack-in-the-pulpits, marsh marigolds, trout lilies and a host of others are blooming as May is the peak season for Wisconsin wildflowers.
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