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Participants prepare for Training Runs ahead of Bellin Run

Bellin offers regular training runs and walks in the weeks leading up to the big event to aid participants in their training process. Submitted photos

By Tori Wittenbrock

Associate Sports Editor

GREEN BAY – As the annual Bellin Run quickly approaches, opportunities for training runs to prepare for the big day have opened up.

Training runs and walks are intended to provide motivation and socialization for participants preparing their bodies and minds to take on the big run in June.

Weekly group trainings allow individuals to train for free every Wednesday at 6 p.m. through June 5 at Bellin Health Titletown Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.

Runners of all levels and abilities are encouraged to join in, providing access to various routes intended to help prepare for the 5K or 10K.

According to Nate Vandervest, Bellin Health’s running expert and leader of the training runs, the most important incentives for people to take advantage of the training run opportunities are the atmosphere and the people.

“We have a great staff that can answer your questions about the race, training and injuries.  The group of runners and walkers that show up on a weekly basis are all so encouraging of one another,” said Vendervest.

“We have a wide range of abilities that makes it less intimidating for anyone that is new because there will be someone running or walking at your pace that you can get to know at the training runs.”

Vandervest also said that each runner can expect to gain a lot of information, experience and preparation to help guide them for the big day. 

“You can expect the support of our professional staff along with all the other runners and walkers at the training run for that day.  We have two routes that people can choose based on ability level or race they intend to compete in. One of the training routes will be made for people competing in the 5K while the other is for the 10K participants.  The routes follow our Bellin Run training plan that you can find online,” said Vandervest.

In addition to the physical aspect of participating in the training runs, Vandervest said that training runs can also benefit people who are unsure about themselves by incentivizing the creation of a community of motivated individuals.

“There is power in numbers and what attracts people most is other people.  We have that here at the training runs.  I have seen people create training friendships at these over the years.  I have also witnessed people that were unsure of being able to complete the race increase their fitness to the point that they had a timed goal by the end of the training cycle,” said Vandervest.

An online training guide is also available to help participants and runners stay on track on an individual basis.

These online resources and additional information can be found at bellinrun.com/training.

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