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Seven running for three spots on Allouez Village Board




ALLOUEZ – Seven candidates are seeking three open seats on the Allouez Village Board.

Following are the responses to questions posed to the candidates ahead of the April 2 contest:

Rob Atwood (Incumbent)


Atwood has been a resident of Allouez for 39 years and a village trustee for nine years. He has a bachelors degree and is employed with Smart Media, LCC.

Reason for running

I am steadfastly committed to advancing the growth and improvement of Allouez. Having been raised here from sixth grade through high school and returning to raise our family here, my roots and love for our community run deep. I am driven by a profound desire to cultivate an environment where families feel welcomed and supported.

I am also an active member of St. Matthew parish in Allouez, having served as athletic director and as past president of St Matt’s Men’s Club.

As a resident, parent, and community member, I understand the importance of creating a safe, vibrant and inclusive environment for all. If re-elected, I am committed to working collaboratively with fellow board members and residents to implement initiatives that promote growth, enhance infrastructure, and ensure that Allouez remains a place where families aspire to raise their children. Together, we can shape a brighter future for our community.

Unique qualities that make you a top candidate

I have proudly served the community, that experience has given me the knowledge of environmental issues, laws, and codes and the effected people and our environment. Good listener, attention to detail, and not afraid to share an idea or opinion. Many comments, concerns, and some compliments have been brought to my attention, all of which I have actively listened and provided recommended solution.

Three top issues/concerns regarding the village, proposed resolution

I am running for village trustee to support the transformation of Allouez with the planned Webster Avenue reconstruction and mixed-use development. Residents seek a central hub for gathering, shopping, and entertainment within our community. Committed to ensuring this project reflects our needs and enriches our village life.

Green Bay Correctional Institution (GBCI) – This facility should be relocated. It is outdated beyond repair and poses a hazard to inmates and facility staff. Removing GBCI would open an entirely new tax base for the Village.

Allouez boasts renowned parks and trails. As the village representative on the Parks, Recreation & Forestry Committee for nine years, I’ve focused on elevating our park system. Recent upgrades include six pickleball courts at Kiwanis Park, new playground equipment at Kiwanis and Green Isle, and Optimist Park, plus a gazebo at Optimist Park. The village has also installed pathway lighting at Green Isle Park. This spring, the village is expanding parking at Kiwanis Park due to the increased facility usage.

Matt Hohner


Hohner has been in Allouez for over nine years. He moved from West De Pere in December 2014. He has served on the Allouez Economic Development Committee since 2021. He holds a B.S. in business management from UW-Stout and is a director of resource development at Einstein Project.

Reason for running

I am running for Allouez Village Trustee because I desire to be an active participant in our community’s decision-making process. I have a deep passion for public service and strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I have a unique perspective that comes from my diverse experiences in both the public and private sectors and I believe this will be an asset to help guide our village toward a bright and prosperous future. I am committed to listening to the concerns of my fellow residents and working collaboratively with my fellow trustees to find solutions to the challenges that may arise. I want to help keep Allouez a place where everyone feels proud to call home.

Unique qualities that make you a top candidate

I am a strong communicator and problem solver. I can find practical and innovative solutions to challenges that may face the village, and clearly communicate those solutions to the other Village Trustees. I have a good understanding of budgeting and finances. From my work in nonprofit organizations, I have worked with many boards and committees to find solutions to budgeting issues.

Three top issues/concerns regarding the village, proposed resolution

The current village board of trustees, in my opinion, handles issues and concerns very well, as they arise. However, I do see two major areas for potential growth in the village.

The potential decommissioning of GBCI is tops on the list. Unfortunately, this is not in the complete control of the village. If the decommissioning comes to fruition, I would like to use my experiences in recruiting businesses and land development to help make the best use of the land.

The upcoming road projects scheduled for Webster and Libal are another area for potential growth. By adding bike lanes, green space, outdoor seating for restaurants, and more pedestrian walkways, we can make these areas true destinations for residents from all over the metro area.

Will Knaapen


Knaapen moved to the village in July 2022, but has lived in the area for most of his life. He attended a semester of college after high school, as well as various schools and training from his time in the military. He is a retired veteran.

Reason for running I love Allouez. My fiancée and I are first-time homeowners and we chose Allouez because the area is absolutely beautiful. The people have been incredibly kind and welcoming. I want to serve my community and give back to the place we have chosen to be our home, working together with residents, village staff and board members to find solutions to local concerns.

Unique qualities that make you a top candidate

As an Army veteran, I worked in Civil Affairs to help local nationals in Iraq work alongside the U.S. military. During that time, I learned a lot about perspective and finding ways to work together with people from vastly different backgrounds to reach a common goal. I was also the armorer for my unit and was responsible for millions of dollars of equipment, ammunition, and weapons for more than 100 soldiers. Being 38 and a first-time homeowner, I have a unique view of current concerns, as well as an eye toward the future. Allouez is my home and I hope to be here for a long time. I care about its future.

Three top issues/concerns regarding the village, proposed resolution:

Currently, the retention pond proposed in the Riverview Park area is a hot-button issue, not just for our residents but the surrounding communities who make use of the park and its softball diamonds, and it will take a great deal of consideration and discussion no matter which path the board takes moving forward.

The prison is a massive concern for the village, and though we are limited in what we can do about it because it is a state facility, we desperately need to have it addressed as soon as possible. By continuing to reach out to media groups, speak to residents, and even attend events or meetings in Madison, we can hopefully find a way to safely decommission the prison and transfer its occupants, opening up a large area of land for development.

The third major issue I see is general land development, whether it is the area on the corner of St. Joseph and Webster, the proposed YMCA, park improvements, and road refurbishment or expansions, land is a limited and critical resource within Allouez. We are essentially landlocked, our borders fixed by the surrounding communities and waterways, so we have to be strategic about what we build and where we build it. Speaking with the residents about their wants and concerns, as well as business owners and developers interested in moving into our community, and working with village staff to create plans and strategies to make the best use of that land will be especially critical over the next few years.

Rich Krieg


Krieg has been in the village for six years. He was elected to the student senate in college – 40 years ago. Since moving to Allouez, he has volunteered as an election poll worker. He has a B.S. in biology and secondary education from UW-Stevens Point and an M.S in education administration from UW-Milwaukee. He is a retired Green Bay Area Public School biology teacher. He taught at Edison Middle School for one year, Washington Middle School for 13 years and East High School for 18 years. He currently works part-time for Bellin Health as a lab driver.

Reason for running

I have always had an interest in politics and being involved as a leader at the local level. Now that I am retired, I have that opportunity. I also have the time that is needed to do a good job. I believe that all people have an obligation to give back to their community and perform some civic duties, and this is one way to do that.

Good local government is extremely important to me. I will make it a priority to make sure our local government has integrity, openness, and vision. It should be focused on listening to the citizens of Allouez and addressing their needs. I believe that one simple way to help achieve this is through term limits. I will limit myself to two terms.

Unique qualities that make you a top candidate

 I think that I am approachable, intelligent, and open-minded. These qualities will serve me well in terms of doing a good job as a village trustee. My experience as an educator will help me with the required administrative duties.

Three top issues/concerns regarding the village, proposed resolution

The primary issue for me is making sure that Allouez continues to be a beautiful and welcoming place to live and visit. This goal involves the continued preservation and maintenance of green-space, trails, habitat, and historical sites. Providing quality access to these areas is also a priority. Our parks and trails are highlights of the community. We also need to help property owners and landlords maintain the structural integrity of older homes and buildings in Allouez.

Clean water is another issue that is extremely important to me. We need to work with all area stakeholders to maintain the health and quality of the Fox River and East River watersheds.

Furthermore, an issue that we should all be concerned about is the deplorable condition of the Green Bay Correctional Institution. Our local leaders need to continue collaborating with the state of Wisconsin to come up with an acceptable plan to close this prison.

Charlie Leiterman


Leiterman was born and raised in Allouez and returned seven years ago to raise his family. He holds a bachelors in sociology and government from St. Norbert College. He is currently employed as a police officer.

Reason for running

I have been a community servant my entire life and want to have a voice in the Village. I am a person that will speak up for those who are afraid to speak up. I was born and raised in Allouez and lived in De Pere until returning to Allouez seven years ago to raise our family. I want the Village of Allouez to continue to be a desirable place for people to live, work and play. Far too many elections have gone to uncontested races where the winner is the person who stepped up to hold office. I am also an advocate for open government and want taxpayers to know what is happening in their community. That starts with the village board gaining community input in decisions that impact a residential community like ours.

Unique qualities that make you a top candidate

I have an understanding of how the government works because I have spent the past 23 years working for a municipal government. I have been a servant of the people. I have the ability to listen to individual concerns and will address those concerns. I am not afraid to ask questions and speak up if there are concerns. I have been my bargaining union President where I have worked with a variety of stakeholders in government and the community. I have built strong relationships with stakeholders throughout the community. I have been active in Allouez as a member of Resurrection Catholic Parish, and the parish council as well as having served as a youth coach for my daughters’ soccer and T-ball teams.

Three top issues/concerns regarding the village, proposed resolution

As I have gotten out in the community to talk to community members the number one issue that has been mentioned and I already knew were the conditions of the village streets. The village needs to have a street maintenance program to address streets before they deteriorate so much that the entire street needs to be reconstructed. This is a costly issue to maintain roads but in the long term it saves everyone money because roads are not having to be totally reconstructed. A maintenance program replaces roads at an appropriate time.

The YMCA has been a part of this community for a long time. Over time it has expanded and is an asset to our community. The programs the YMCA offers are for a wide range and background. It’s great that there are multiple safe ways to get to the current YMCA. I am all for a new YMCA in the village. I have some very strong concerns about the proposed location of the Broadview soccer complex. The traffic generated has been a concern with its current location and will be in the future. There needs to be community input about this proposed development. I believe that the community needs to have input in any proposed location and development within the village. I support the soccer fields for youth sports.

Lastly, I want to continue to maintain our village services that are offered to our residents. As a village we have outstanding employees that maintain our streets, plow our roads and remove our garbage. I want to continue to maintain these services for all of the residents. These are important services that all homeowners need and use.

Jean Marsch


Marsch has resided in the village for 47 years. She served on the Green Bay School Board for 15 years, 1997-2012. During the last 10 of those years, she served as the school board president. She holds an MBA from UW-Oshkosh and a bachelor of science-nursing from UW-Madison. She began her career as a registered nurse and moved into human resources, serving as an HR director. After retiring from full-time employment in 2019, she taught a human resources class for three years as an adjunct faculty member at UW-Green Bay.

Reason for running

Allouez is a wonderful community for people at any stage of life. I want to serve the community by being an advocate for all residents to keep Allouez strong and vibrant. I have devoted many years to serving the community in elected office and on local non-profit boards. I will work hard to represent the people of Allouez and will be a very involved trustee. I have the time and energy to do just that.

Unique qualities that make you a top candidate

I have 15 years of experience on the Green Bay School Board, a non-partisan, elected office and I have learned how to listen to all perspectives and make decisions that are in the best interest of the community. I understand how to work with tight budgets and advocate for what is important to those I serve. Through my work experience as a nurse and HR professional, I have developed strong analytical skills while always understanding the human side of decisions. I will apply my leadership skills and experience to the role of village trustee.

I hold professional certifications in HR as a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a Senior Certified Professional- Society for Human Resource Management. I will add my knowledge of all HR topics including salary, benefits, and employment to board discussions on these topics. In addition, my experience as a registered nurse helps me understand the importance of community health and I will always advocate to protect the health of our citizens.

I am involved in our community and I currently serve as a citizen member of the Brown County Human Services Board. I also served as a member of the Facilities Task Force for Green Bay Area Public Schools.

As a village trustee, I will represent Allouez and advocate for our priories.

My husband and I have lived in Allouez for 47 years and we love living here. We raised three children and our daughter still lives in Allouez. I hope to preserve what our residents value most while supporting sound economic development.

Three top issues/concerns regarding the village, proposed resolution

Balancing economic development while maintaining the qualities of the village that make our community a great place to live. It is important to encourage businesses to locate and expand in Allouez. Carefully planned economic growth helps provide a tax base that the village needs and provides services that residents can enjoy. I will work with fellow trustees and village administration to support the plan for attracting business with sound incentives. I also would invite residents to provide insights as to what businesses they want to attract and where they should be located.

Maintaining and enhancing the services that our residents need to live safely and comfortably.

I have heard from residents that they want to feel safe in the community, maintain our roads and sewers, drink clean water, and enjoy the natural resources we value, such as parks and trails. All must be priorities in the budget. Because of budget constraints and limited space, we must work in partnership with surrounding communities and school districts to secure efficiencies whenever possible. Available grants should be pursued because they can supplement the budget. Expanding the tax base by drawing business to the village is another way to maintain and enhance services. It is important to listen to residents to understand their concerns and priorities. I will bring your ideas and concerns to the board and administration and will promptly follow up with all who contact me.

Closing the Green Bay Correctional Institution.

Closing the Green Bay Correctional Institution is a complex issue and if elected, I would continue to support the work of Allouez village administration and the trustees as well as other local officials and citizens who have been advocating for this for several years. By providing data that supports alternative solutions such as building a new facility in another location and prison reform, we should be able to reach a solution. I would make this issue a priority and continue the work that is underway.

Raymond Maxwell


Maxwell has been in the village for five years. He holds a bachelors in management from UW-Green Bay. He is retired and a village of Allouez seasonal employee with the parks department.

Reason for running

I am interested in participating in government policymaking and community development. I have given my input to many issues arising in communities where I have resided. Often events or decisions occur I feel could have been different if more individuals in the community added their input, so my interest has progressed from input to involvement. I want to be involved in decision making to enable a robust discussion of issues and thoughtful decision-making enabling the Progressive evolution of the community, Allouez.

Unique qualities that make you a top candidate

I am an entrepreneur and “ideas guy,” thinking creatively about concerns that affect our community. I am guided by principles of honesty and transparency. Conclusions and decisions made will include input from all stakeholders. I am an independent thinker with time to research. I am available and interested in how others feel about decisions made by their government and look forward to that input.

Three top issues/concerns regarding the village, proposed resolution

Economic Development: Economic development that has a positive effect on our community’s budget and is necessary for assistance in covering the ever-increasing costs of community services. Any development in the community should have benefits to the community that outweigh the costs involved with the development. Residents should be informed of these factors so they can be aware of the “Progressive” direction the community is undertaking.

Transparency: When the Village has equipment it wishes to remove from service said equipment is put up for auction, the public is advised, and anyone can bid on the equipment. Decisions should be made in a comparable manner. An issue/concern should be put on the table and the public informed that a decision is forthcoming. Input is sought and a public discussion of the concern takes place prior to the decision.

Aging Infrastructure: So many of the roadways throughout Allouez need repair. Couple that with the aging water infrastructure and you get a double whammy. Streets are often torn up to repair the water lines under the street. Plans change, time passes without repair. I support the systematic and dependable repair and replacement of both the streets and water infrastructure.

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