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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Owen Wick

Ashwaubenon High School, cross country ski

Parents: Amy and Timm Schaetz

Siblings: Two older brothers, Jackson and Hudson, and a younger sister, Claire

Instagram: @owen_wick

Career Highlights: I took eighth place in the state meet and competed for the Great Lakes division in Fairbanks, Alaska, for Junior Nationals.  This year I competed in Senior Nationals in Soldier Hollow, Utah and was the third under 18 junior for the midwest region in the sprint race. I also competed in a high school meet in Iola this past weekend. It was against the top high schoolers in Wisconsin and I placed second overall — seven seconds behind the leader.

Wick is the boys team captain of the Ashwaubenon nordic ski team. He recently returned from the U.S. National Championships in Utah.

How old were you when you started your sport? How did you get started/learn?

I started skiing when I was 15, a Sophomore in high school. I impulsively signed up for the sport as a way to stay fit in the winter. I learned to ski with the Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski team, a new skier team under the guidance of Bernie Rocheleau.

What is your favorite part about playing your sport?

My favorite part about cross country skiing is the amount of improvement that can happen over time when you put in the hard work. Because there is so many components to the sport,(strength, speed, technique, fitness) there is always something to work on and improve. When you stay consistent and work on the little things day in and day out, the race results will reflect your work.

Are people ever surprised to hear that you compete in such a unique sport?

 When I tell people I am a cross country skier, they are always shocked when they learn that it is a competitive sport in our area. It isn’t well known that the sport of cross country skiing has a large high school and middle school league in Wisconsin. In last years Wisconsin state meet in Cable, Wis. there were almost 400 racers!

What kind of relationships have you made through your sport (voices, teammates, etc.)?

The sport of cross country skiing requires long hours of team training, it isn’t rare that workouts last up to 4 hours long. As a result, the close team bond we’ve formed through the extended and challenging hours is really strong. Almost all of my closest friends are skiers on my team. This sport also requires frequent long drives to ski meets all across the midwest so I get to meet high schoolers from all over the region which is super fun.

What other sports are you involved with (if any)?

 In the summer, between skiing workouts with our team, I enjoy biking with my friends. This past summer, I made a goal to bike 250 miles with one of my previous teammates on the ski team (Noah Jahnke, UWGB Cross Country Runner). We made it 233 miles just short of our goal after 15 hours of biking. We are going to have to try again this next summer!

 What changes have you noticed about yourself from freshman to senior year (as an athlete and as a person)?

When I was a freshman in high school, I was extremely unfit compared to what I am now. I was in no sports and my endurance was very lacking. The sport of cross country skiing almost single handedly transformed me into an athletic person and a person who has both good endurance and good strength.

What are some of the struggles you have had in your sport over the years? (Injury/slump/etc.)

The biggest struggle I have had in my sport over the past 3 years is the transition from dry land practices to on snow practices. In Ashwaubenon and Green Bay we don’t get much snow early in the season so the early season races are harder for us.

 Do you intend to continue your sport in the future?

Yes! I love skiing and I think I will be skiing my whole life.

What are your plans for college/career?

In college, I would like to get an engineering degree in Mechatronics or Mechanical Engineering.

What are you looking forward to in the future about your sport?

For this season, I am looking forward to being a contender for the state champion title in February at the Wisconsin Nordic Ski League State Meet. and also qualifying for Junior Nationals in Lake Placid, N.Y. which takes place in March.

Do you have any plans to continue your sport in college?

 I am looking into many colleges to potentially ski for in college. I am excited to continue improving in the sport and be on a college team!

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