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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Keanu Chinana


Seymour high school, basketball and football

Parents: Deborah Murphy and Leo Chinana

Siblings: I have an older brother named Storm and an older sister named Maya.

Position: Point Guard

How/when did you start playing basketball?

I started playing basketball in second grade. I would always watch highlights of NBA players on YouTube so that is what made me want to play.

Have you ever played any other sports?

I have played football my whole life and baseball up until eighth grade.

What is your favorite memory of playing high school basketball?

My favorite memory of highschool basketball would have to be last year’s buzzer beater win against Xavier giving them their first loss of the season.

Who is a basketball player that you look up to, and why?

A basketball player I look up to would definitely be Kyrie Irving because he is one of the most skilled point guards to ever be in the NBA.

Would you rather play a game outside with friends or on an indoor court with your team?

I would rather play on an indoor court with my team because it would be more competitive than an outdoor game with friends.

What is your favorite part about playing a team sport?

My favorite part about playing a team sport is creating chemistry with new teammates every year and making new friends.

What is your favorite pregame snack?

My favorite pregame snack would have to be Skittles.

Favorite song on your warmup/workout playlist?

My favorite pregame song would have to be “Evil Ways” by Drake and J. Cole.

All-time favorite movie?

My all time favorite movie would have to be Triple Frontier on Netflix.

Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?

My hobbies outside of sports are fishing and playing Xbox.

What would your dream vacation be?

My dream vacation would be Hawaii.

What are your plans after high school?

After high school I will be taking a year off to visit family overseas.

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