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Much love for offense after win in Dallas

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers Quarterback Jordan Love said that he is pleased with the performance of his offensive line for allowing the run game to develop and the recievers to do their job. Tori Wittenbrock photos

By Tori Wittenbrock

Associate Sports Editor

DALLAS, TEXAS – After being counted out for much of the season, the Packers have proved just how deserving they are of their spot in the playoffs.

After a 48-32 win in the NFL Wild Card Round of the post season against the Dallas Cowboys (12-6), the Green Bay Packers (10-8) are ready to take on the San Francisco 49ers (12-5) in the next round of the playoffs.

Packers Quarterback Jordan Love said that he is proud of his team for proving themselves and achieving what they set out to do.

“I just can’t say enough how proud I am of everyone in the locker room,” said Love.

“It’s been a long season. We have been counted out a lot of the season. Everyone keeps battling and keeps competing.”

Although the team has faced much speculation from football fans across the country, Love said that he and his team don’t take anything to heart.

“I think it’s just noise from the outside. I think that’s how everyone looks at it in the locker room,” said Love.

“We’re not worried about it. We just keep coming out here and showing what we are about.”

WIth 415 yards and 22 first downs, Love said that he is proud of his offense for being able to put together a great game.

After a stellar performance in the NFL Wild Card Round against the Dallas Cowboys, the Green Bay Packers will advance into the postseason to face the San Francisco 49ers.

“I think that was a key for us going into this game, to run the ball well, and I think we did a great job of that,” said Love.

Love also credited his offensive line for giving the rest of them the ability to perform well and run plays.

“It started up front. It started with the o-line pass protection. They stepped up big. They had a great game and kept me clean all night,” said Love.

“Coming into the game we were going to establish the run early, and that’s what we did.”

Although he is reaching the end of his first season as a starting quarterback, Love said that he has become accustomed to his role and learned how to step up when his team needs him.

“I’m just playing quarterback. There’s always going to be a pass rush there. I’m just trying to buy as much time as possible to get the read off. I think that’s just playing quarterback. You’ve got to stay in there and take a few hits every now and then and just try to get the ball off,” said Love.

One of the most important aspects of the team’s win was their ability to start off strong on offense and have the defense’s help to keep them out front.

Although Dak Prescott and the Cowboys were able to lessen the Packers’ lead late in the game, Green Bay’s dominance in the first half was a large part of what secured them the win.

By the end of the first half, the score was 27-7 and the Packers had clinched two turnovers from Dallas.

“That’s the mindset, you know? We’re trying to get the offense out there, start fast and put up points. That’s what we’ve been doing all season and it’s been working for us, so we are just trying to keep that rolling,” said Love.

However, Love’s appreciation for his offense doesn’t end with his offensive line and running backs.

The young quarterback said that although his receivers are also young, they have proved themselves worthy of the spotlight as well.

“It’s a very unselfish receiver room. They love to see others succeed, just as much as them, so I think that’s just the key to it,” said Love.

“I think we’ve got a lot of playmakers in that room and they continue to show what they are about.”

The Green Bay Packers now advance to face the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL Divisional Round of the postseason on Sunday, Jan. 21.

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