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Boyea to be crowned Miss Rodeo Wisconsin 2024

Tori Boyea on a horse
On Saturday, Jan. 6, Tori Boyea will be crowned Miss Rodeo Wisconsin 2024. Submitted photo

By Mickey Schommer

Contributing Writer

HOBART – On Saturday, Jan. 6, Tori Boyea will be crowned Miss Rodeo Wisconsin 2024.

Despite starting her rodeo career at 15 years old, Boyea said, “I definitely never saw myself running for a title this big or running for a title at all, but I quickly fell in love with the industry, the people involved with it, and the community that it brings.”

During her first year of pageants, Boyea was crowned Miss Manawa Queen in 2019, which led her to “jump right into and run for [Miss Rodeo] Wisconsin” for which she was runner-up.

Because she was getting older, she decided to focus on her career after her receiving runner-up and sold all of her things, Boyea said.

However, she decided at the last minute to enter again for the Miss Rodeo Wisconsin 2024 pageant this year.

For Boyea, competing in the Miss Rodeo Wisconsin pageant was a “no-brainer.”

“The things that I’m learning and the people I’m meeting have been wonderful. There’s been a lot of growth up until this point,” she said. “To go to these rodeos and to have the youth look up to you and want to be like you, it’s really something special.”

During her reign, Boyea will travel to various schools in Wisconsin to promote rodeo by “showing kids that it’s out there.”

“To get involved is huge for us,” she added.

Additionally, Boyea will travel with a Miss Rodeo Wisconsin Teen, and together, they’ll help out other rodeos with their local pageants and help other girls working towards titles like Boyea’s.

“There’s definitely a lot of things that we do with the youth throughout our year, and we want to make sure that we make a good impact,” she said.

During the final month of her title, Boyea will go to Las Vegas to compete in the Miss Rodeo America 2025 pageant.

Boyea’s coronation will be hosted on Saturday, Jan. 6, noon – 4 p.m. at the Hobart Fire Station during her largest fundraiser of the year.

Donations and money for the event will be used for travel fees and other events, which she will use to educate younger generations about rodeo.

She is excited to mingle with her hometown community, celebrate her coronation and create connections with other Miss Rodeos nationwide.

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