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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Keenan Cruz


Southwest High School, soccer, basketball, track and field

Parents: Sarah Cruz, Clifford Cruz

Siblings: Hatfield, Atticus, Miles, Paloma

Instagram: @keenanmdcruz_11

Positions: Striker, Guard

Career Highlight: 2021 FRCC Regional Chanpions, 2nd Team all Conference

Who first introduced you to basketball?

I pretty much found out the game on my own.

How has balancing athletics and academics been different from your freshman year to your senior year?

During freshman year it was a lot harder but now I know how to manage it.

How does it feel being a senior, looking back at how far you’ve made it through all your sports?

I’m sad that it went by so fast but loved every single minute of it.

Which is your favorite sport and why?

Basketball is my favorite but it’s really close with soccer. I think I have more passion for it.

What is a specific drill or activity in practice that you enjoy doing?

I just enjoy spending time with the team, like having team dinners.

Who are some professional athletes you admire in each sport and why?

In soccer I admire Messi because he’s the goat, in basketball I admire Stephen Curry because he shows passion in what he does.

Which of your sports is the hardest and why?

I find that track is the hardest because for the sport you have to find happiness in running.

What is your current favorite movie?

The Black Panther

What is your ultimate pregame meal?

Just any type of protein, but I think it is spaghetti.

What are the top three songs on your warm-up/workout playlist?

“Wickman”- Nardo Wick, “2nd Intro”- Sheff G, “Run It Up”- Lil Tjay

Favorite collegiate or professional sports team?

Golden State Warriors

Do you enjoy day or night games more?

I love night games

Any memorable coaches or teammates that have made an impact on you?

Shoutout to my day one: Muhsin Yusuf; he’s been doing sports with me since middle school.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan on majoring in business and going to a junior college for soccer in Milwaukee.

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