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Fourth Wall Ensemble brings one-of-a-kind act to Cup O’ Joy this weekend

Two performers
The Fourth Wall Ensemble will perform a one-of-a-kind musical act at Cup O’ Joy on Saturday, Nov, 18. Submitted photo

By Josephine Hinderman

Contributing Writer

On Nov. 18, an energetic, one-of-a-kind musical experience will be coming to Cup O’ Joy, courtesy of the Brown County Civic Music Association and The Fourth Wall Musical Ensemble.

Known for their showcasing of hybrid arts, which include acting, “deft choreography” and instrumental performances, since their very beginnings in 2010 with The Boston Composers’ Coalition, The Fourth Wall Ensemble is a Massachusetts-based musical group starring Hilary Abigana, floutist; C. Neil Parsons, bass trombonist; and Greg Jukes, percussionist.

The ensemble has had sold out shows in theaters and Fringe festivals all across the country.

“Collaboration has been a key element of The Fourth Wall’s work from the very beginning,” they say.

“The Fourth Wall is no stranger to pushing boundaries,” says a press release from the Brown County Civic Music Association. “This dynamic and innovative group of musicians brings together a fusion of classical instruments, cutting-edge technology, and electrifying stage presence to create a musical experience like no other. Whether you are a classical music enthusiast, a technology aficionado, or someone simply seeking a remarkable afternoon of entertainment, this performance has something for everyone. With its unique blend of music, visual effects, and audience engagement, The Fourth Wall Ensemble has consistently captivated audiences worldwide, breaking down the “fourth wall” between performers and spectators.”

The Fourth Wall Ensemble also hosts a variety of masterclasses, programs and performances that aim to “teach students how to incorporate interdisciplinary performance techniques into their creative work.”

Says The Fourth Wall Ensemble, “[Our] mission is to create programming that engages everyone from elementary school children to classical performance connoisseurs through a new hybrid of the performing arts in which musicians are also actors and dancers[…] In a theater, breaking the fourth wall brings the world on stage directly into the audience; as an ensemble, The Fourth Wall, breaks the barrier between serious art and serious fun.”

With education and music being the primary motivators behind their mission statement, The Fourth Wall Ensemble will also be bringing a unique musical education to a local Green Bay school.

On Nov. 17, The Fourth Wall Ensemble will be presenting a program for upwards of around 300 students at Webster Elementary school, staying true to their mission of melding education and performing arts.

While The Fourth Wall has videos of their performances floating around the internet, the group encourages people to attend their shows, as “art doesn’t do the art form any justice.”

In partnership with the Brown County Civic Music Association, The Fourth Wall Ensemble will be performing at 2 p.m. at Cup O’ Joy’s 525 N Taylor Street location on Saturday, Nov. 18.

For more information about tickets, visit Brown County Civic Music Association website at bccivicmusic.org. Tickets will also be sold at the door, but due to limited seating it’s recommended to make purchases ahead of time.

For more information about The Fourth Wall Ensemble, their programs, and upcoming events, check out their website at thefourthwallensemble.com.

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