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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Jillian Anderson


Bay Port High School, Track and Volleyball

Parents’ names:

Bobbi Jo and Douglas Anderson


Jen, Justin and Jacob



Position or events:

Volleyball: Right Side

Track: 100MHH, Long Jump, 400m Relay, 800m Relay

Career highlight:

Breaking my sisters 100mHH school record and being apart of the 400m and 800m relay school records.

What got you into organized sports?

My family is very sports oriented so I grew up playing sports all my life, as well as watching my siblings play them throughout theirs. I would go from sport to sport training all year long which became a normal thing in my life, which grew a great love and passion for me.

What are the keys to balancing school and sports?

I have learned to utilize all the time you can get whenever you have the chance to work on homework. There has been a lot of pressure around being a student athlete nowadays so making sure to keep track of your work and your schedule so you know when you should be working on school while also working around your athletic schedule.

How has it been adjusting from being an underclassmen to your senior status now?

I think the transition has been both positive and negative. It really helped my mindset to be more confident in my skills now that I’ve had the experience — and I have nothing to lose — but it is also very bittersweet as it is sad knowing it is all coming to an end.

Would you say you enjoy the track or field events more?

This is a very hard question as I prefer practicing with the field events more but I would say it is easier and better for me when I am competing in the track events.

What is a specific activity or drill in practice that you enjoy doing?

In volleyball I prefer a fast pace scrimmaging type of drill  to mock a game and allow me to work on little things closer while still focusing on being in the game. For track I prefer slower pace more technique type of drills like short run throughs in each event to focus on the technique while competing but not worrying about endurance and exhaustion.

Is there a professional or collegiate athlete that you’ve been inspired by?

Kobe Bryant has always been a huge inspiration to look up to because of his mindset. He has always amazed me with the way he powers over everybody just mentally and made the game more than what it is.

What’s it like transitioning from a team sport such as volleyball to a more individual performance based sport such as track?

This transition can be very tough for some. Being in the team sport you can be more dependent on your teammates as well as relying on them to help with your mindset in the game. When transitioning to track you can still turn to your teammates but in the moment it’s all up to you to change your mindset and be on your own throughout the race.

How has track and volleyball complimented each other for your athletic development?

I think the biggest thing has been the mindset changes I’ve had that carried through to both sports. Track helped me to gain confidence and a better mindset my junior year which carried through to my senior season of volleyball which allowed me to perform better. The sports also compliment each other with the form, they both consist of jumping, strength, and fast pace which helps my performance excel in both.

What is your pregame/pre meet ritual?

For both sports, I wear the same gear going to the game from head to toe. In volleyball I always touch the top of the doors before running on the court and for track I always listen to the song “Run This Town” with my team. I always focus on doing the same little things before every game or meet.

Favorite collegiate or professional sports team?

UW Madison’s volleyball team has been a very consistent and powerful team for many years. They carry powerful confidence which carries their athletic ability even higher to win games.

Do you enjoy weight training or conditioning more?

This is a no brainer for me, I enjoy weight training a lot and conditioning not so much. I would choose to weight lift any day over that.

Any memorable coaches or teammates that you would like to give a shout out to?

My track coach, Coach Kros, has been a huge help in my life. He has made an extreme impact on my performances, helping me grow to be a better person and athlete every day. And  I give all credit to him for the successes I have made.

Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?

I like to play other kinds of sports for fun as well as hang out with my friends and family whenever I can.

What are your plans for the future (college/major/career)?

I am currently going through the process of college recruiting and visiting. As of right now I want to run at college, and go for education and psychology, to become some kind of sports psychologist.

Any advice you would give to the younger generation of athletes?

I would advise to never let your mind get in the way of your happiness and performances because it goes by too fast to let your own brain take away these special opportunities from you.

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