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 Book review: Quadzilla Finds His Footing by aJ Dillon

By Micah Peterson

Contributing Writer

Green Bay Packer’s running back AJ Dillon’s new book Quadzilla Finds His Footing is a picture book about a loveable and kind monster named Quadzilla.

In this book, Quadzilla and his monster friends love hanging out and playing with each other, but there is one problem.

All of Quadzilla’s friends are really good at activities like hide-and-seek, riding bikes or singing. Quadzilla is not very talented at any of those things.

Each of his friends knows what they are great at, but Quadzilla has not yet found where he fits.

His friends try to cheer him up by suggesting a new game called football. Each of his friends finds that they are good at a certain football skill.

When it’s Quadzilla’s turn, he discovers that he is excellent at catching and running the football. He even scores a touchdown!

All of his friends are so happy for him and Quadzilla realizes that it is good to keep trying even when things get hard.

Quadzilla Finds His Footing is a great book for young children because the illustrations are colorful and fun.

Even though it is geared toward younger kids, I really enjoyed it as an eleven year old.

My favorite part of the book is when Quadzilla discovers that he loves playing football.

I also really like how the book teaches kids some great lessons about trying new things, confidence and friendship.

No matter how Quadzilla felt about himself, he never gave up and kept trying new things and in the end, he found something that he was great at.

Quadzilla’s confidence in himself grew throughout the story. His friends never gave up on him and always believed that he would find his talent.

Each of his friends had special gifts and skills that contributed to the football team, and in the end, so did Quadzilla.

I also enjoyed how the character Quadzilla relates to AJ Dillon in his football career.

I highly recommend this book to all kids who are looking to find their own footing, just like Quadzilla.

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