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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Caleb Sprutles


Green Bay Southwest, football and baseball

Parents names: Jamie and Colleen Sprutles

Instagram: @caleb.sprutles

Position/Events: Quarterback for football, outfield for baseball

Career Highlight: My first varsity start against Pulaski.

Who is your biggest supporter when it comes to football?

I would have to say my biggest supporter would be Coach Vaneperen. Even when I was in middle school, he would challenge me to do my best and believe in things I may not have ever considered. He has always believed in me more than I have myself.

Quarterback tends to be one of the hardest positions both mentally and physically. Fans tend to associate a team’s overall performance with the performance of the quarterback. How do you deal with all of the pressure? Or is the pressure something that fuels you?

There have been many, many times I have felt that pressure. Oftentimes it is most when I am expected to be a leader. To deal with this pressure, I’ll often seek my coaches for guidance. In all my years of high school, they have always been there for me. However, I have learned over time to accept and understand the pressure so I can then make the right decisions moving forward.

How do you mentally prepare before a game?

Not listening to any music on the way to school. That way I can be really focused. And from what I’ve been told, on game day, I don’t really talk much. I suppose that’s a way for me to zone everything else out.

What are you most excited about for your senior season?

To see all the hard work from the off-season pay off, and play one last season with some of my best friends. Also to set a standard for my younger teammates to follow.

What is the best advice a coach has given you?

“Forget it all and just play your game. You’ll be able to accomplish anything.”

What game are you most excited for this season?

Preble because they are the only other Green Bay school in our conference, which makes it kind of a rivalry. It has also been a close game the last couple of years.

What is your favorite part about playing football?

The brotherhood for sure. That bond you create with teammates inside and outside the football field, that will never go away.

What is one memory you have from high school football that you will never forget?

Team bonding is one of the key aspects to a successful football team. Whether it’s in school, weight room, football field or outside any of those, we do our best to create a bond that will last forever. And that is what I’ll never forget, the friends and team bonds that were made throughout the years.

Did any of your family members play football before you? How did you get started playing football?

Two of my uncles did before me, one of them attended Southwest as well. Otherwise, not many before me. I started playing because all of my friends did and it sounded fun. I wasn’t a fan of it at first, but after a couple years and an ACL and meniscus tear, I found my passion for quarterback.

Favorite way to recover after a game?

I love spending the next day outside moving around with family and friends.

What is your favorite sports movie?

My favorite sports movie is Remember the Titans because of how well it shows the brotherhood of a football team.

What is your favorite restaurant in Green Bay?


Do you prefer winning at home or at away games?

Home for sure. We have more fans and the win feels better in front of our school and families.

What are your plans for next year (college/major/career)?

A business major with a focus on accounting or finance at school within the UW system. I’m particularly looking at LaCrosse or Oshkosh.

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