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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Nathan Piotrowski


Nathan Piotrowski, Green Bay Southwest, soccer and tennis

Parents names: Wanda and Thomas Piotrowski

Instagram: @nathanpiotrowski

Position/Events: Soccer — Center Back,  Tennis — doubles

Career Highlight: winning regionals sophomore year

How did you get started playing soccer and tennis?

I have been playing soccer for as long as I could walk, from four year old leagues all the way through high school.  I started playing tennis my sophomore year after my friend who had been playing since middle school convinced me to come out for the sport.

What has been your favorite memory from playing high school sports so far?

My favorite memory playing high school sports so far is soccer tennis at a Friday practice after a big win or long week.  It is just playing soccer for the fun of it.

What is it like preparing for your senior seasons?

Preparing for my senior seasons feels sort of surreal because it still doesn’t truly feel like my last chance to make an impact or play my sport in a high school sports setting.  Preparing for my senior seasons is exciting but at the same time has a sense of uneasiness about the expectations I hold for myself.

What is the most difficult obstacle you have had to overcome in your athletic career?

The most difficult obstacles I have had to overcome in my athletic career have been the usual pains and injuries that come with growing. During my freshman year, I strained my hamstring. That knocked me out for a good six months, and it took another year and PT to get back to 100%. I feel that this was definitely my biggest obstacle, as the frustration it caused me almost made me want to quit at times.

What is the best advice you have gotten from a coach before?

Even when you are having a bad game, you can help everyone else to have a better game with your talking on the field or reinforcement and praise of your teammates’ mini successes. 

Which sport is your priority at this point? Do you have any plans to pursue either after graduation?

Soccer is and always has been my priority, and currently I do not plan to pursue soccer at a collegiate level, but hope to go to a large school and play on their club team at the school.

Do you take any special steps outside of training to improve/prepare for big games/matches?

To prepare for big games and matches I do the usual nutrition things with extra care. I make sure to get eight hours of sleep, drink plenty of water and eat plenty of food early enough. But I find that I am able to play my best when I do almost everything the same and not focus too heavily on the upcoming game.

What is one game/match that you played that you will never forget and why?

One game I played in high school that I will never forget is the regional final against Kaukauna my sophomore year. This is because we scored an equalizing goal in the last three minutes and went on to win the game in PKs. Overall the atmosphere was amazing, Kaukauna had a very large crowd, and same with us — it was definitely the loudest game I had ever gone to.

What is the most important relationship you have made through your time playing for Southwest?

I feel that the most important relationships I have made through my time playing for Southwest are with my entire soccer team as a whole. It feels like a family even if we sometimes don’t see eye to eye. We lose together and we win together.

Where is your favorite place you have traveled for your sport?

I have traveled much more with my club team, and I’d say that my favorite trip has been St. Louis, not because of the city itself but because of the experience with my teammates and the sports complex we were able to use.

What is your favorite TV series?

Breaking Bad

Favorite pre-game snack?


How do you balance athletics and academics as a student athlete?

I balance athletics and academics as a student athlete largely by prioritizing my work and staying on top of things. I think that sometimes I am better at managing my time when I am in season, as I have to focus on planning out my work for deadlines better.

What are your plans for next year?

Next year, I plan to go to college and right now plan to study something in the realm of environmental science.

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