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Vinyl Word: Snooper – Super Snooper


Third Man Records

Rating: 13 out of 13

Not to sound like a broken record, but once again I’m here to review an album that is a legit candidate for album of the year and an album whose release I have been highly anticipating.

This must be my most anticipated release ever on Third Man Records and definitely the only release on Third Man Records that I have purchased on vinyl (twice actually — the limited and normal versions), compact disc and on iTunes.

The reason for my super high anticipation for Super Snooper was because I had the privilege of seeing them put on a super performance at Gonerfest 19 in Memphis last year.

I was not the only person who left Gonerfest 19 totally impressed with Snooper — the buzz totally had them with Research Reactor Corporation, Gee Tee and Sick Thoughts as highlights of the musical festival with the highest street credentials in the world.

Snooper’s performance was so great that, right then and there, I put them on my list of bands that I would not be shocked if they got big.

How big? Hmmm, that is a good question. The ceiling would be as big as Nirvana (I’m very serious) and the basement would be a band that the owner of Third Man Records used to be in (not referencing to The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs or The Go).

When I got back from Gonerfest 19, I showed anyone that was interested — or at least feigned interest — the song I had filmed of Snooper in Memphis on my phone. My love for them had me on a mission to spread the gospel of Snooper.

Needless to say, the bar was set high in my mind on how good the debut album by Nashville’s Snooper would be. I’m ecstatic to say it’s even better than I had hoped.

Snooper put on a monster live show, and sometimes that doesn’t translate to studio recordings.

Super Snooper is punk rock with a new wave and dance vibe, high energy, screaming guitars, unrelenting and funky drums beats, with perfect production and super cool samples at times between songs, anchored by the wailing vocals of Blair Tramel.

If you are a fan of ’80s hardcore punk or what was coming out of Seattle in the late ’80s, you might as well purchase this album now.

My favorite songs on Super Snooper are “Microbe” (this is the song I showed everyone on my phone), “Bed Bugs,” “Fitness,” “Xerox,” “Defect,” “Music for Spies” and “Powerball.”

This isn’t the first time I have reviewed Snooper for the Vinyl Word

I reviewed a cassette of theirs last fall and in that review I covered how awesome Snooper was at Gonerfest 19 and I made a vow to bring them to Green Bay to perform.

Well I’m happy to report that I kept that vow and Snooper will be making their debut in Green Bay at the debut GBUFO Presents production at the Tarlton Theater. The date is Monday, Oct. 9, and filling out the bill will be two bands that were both major highlights of the recent GBUFO Fest, Baby Tyler from Madison and Green Bay’s Trash Pandas (they have a new ep out available online and on compact disc at the GBUFO).

Yes the Packers are on Monday Night Football that evening against the Raiders, but trust me, you won’t regret forgoing watching that game live to see Snooper, the next big thing.

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