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Get to Know Your Green Bay Rockers


Name: Cuyler Zukowski

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Jersey Number: 21

Number of Seasons with the Rockers: First

School: Creighton University

Position: Outfield

Career Highlight: Just being able to come out this summer and play!

What is the best advice a coach has given you? Just relax and let your abilities take over and not to stress over every little thing.

Is there a specific game from your baseball career that you will never forget? Back in high school, our rivalry games were always pretty intense. Competing in those types of games was always super fun!

Would you rather play a game in the extreme cold or extreme heat? For me it would probably be the heat. In high school everything I had to play in was always such cold weather, and it would always snow and stuff, so yeah, definitely the heat for me! At Creighton in Nebraska it’s always windy and cold.

Who is a professional player that you admire and why? I would probably say Bryce Harper. He had so much hype going into his career, and he really lived up to it, which is hard to do.

Do you prefer to play a mid-day game or under the lights? I like a mid-day game because after you get done playing you get the rest of the night to yourself to relax, and hopefully celebrate.

What is your major in college? Computer Science

Beach or mountains? I like the mountains.

Favorite movie? All the Harry Potter movies, but Goblet of Fire is my favorite.

What is your favorite breakfast cereal? I like Frosted Flakes a lot.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? I mean like my dog right now, but I really like big dogs, so maybe a Newfoundland.

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