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Get to know your Green Bay Rockers


Name: Kyle West

Position: Corner infield/Corner outfield

Jersey Number: 28

Hometown: Hedgesville, West Virginia

Career Highlight: Going back to back conference championships at school (University of Charleston)

How many seasons have you played with the Rockers? This is my first

How/why did you get started playing baseball? When I was young and growing up I just picked up a bat and my dad asked me if this is what I want to do and I said yes, and we just rolled with it.

Any funny or embarrassing baseball memories? I went 0-4 with four strikeouts against Notre Dame and that was pretty embarrassing!

What professional baseball player have you always looked up to? I’ve always looked up to Brian Roberts, I just like how he played the game hard, like the runaround.

Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions? No, I like to think of it like Tony Gwynn. He had a quote that says, “I’ve worked too hard to worry about superstitions,” so I just roll with the punches.

Favorite restaurant? There’s this place in Maryland called The Crab 99 and I love that place. I used to go there with my mom.

Favorite TV show? Forged in Fire, it’s on Netflix. I like watching them make knives. I think it’s interesting how they can turn a little billet into a fancy knife.

Favorite music genre? Country… all the way!

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to golf!

Who is your biggest supporter? I’ve gotta go with my grandmother, my Nan. She’s always calling me. Her and my dad both. Always calling me, it’s like 24/7.

What country would you most like to travel to for a baseball game? Probably Japan. That place is sick! I’ve been watching Trevor Ballard and his experience in Japan and the support that the players get there is just unreal. If I were to go and be a part of that and be in that atmosphere I think it would be a great baseball experience!

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