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Ashwaubenon schools celebrate community support of referendum

With approximately 3,070 votes in favor of the referendum — over 60% of voter turnout — district cuts have been prevented. File photo

By Josephine Hinderman

Contributing Writer

ASHWAUBENON – While the rest of the state marked another election day April 4, the Ashwaubenon school district administration celebrated the passing of their highly anticipated $19.5 million referendum.

“We’re in a happy mood here,” said Keith Lucius, assistant superintendent and business director for the district.

With approximately 3,070 votes in favor of the referendum — over 60% of voter turnout — mass teacher layoffs and program cuts in district schools have been prevented.

“We’re feeling pretty good about that,” said Lucius in regard to voter turnout and demographics.

In previous interviews with the Press Times, Lucius said that the funds, which are $3.9 million a year for five years, would be dedicated to “maintain quality programming that already exists within the district” and to “[keep] up with inflation.”

In a more recent interview, Lucius voiced his relief that the district, as a result of the passing referendum, will not “have to worry about laying off more [staff].”

Said Lucius, “I’m pretty excited about [the referendum]. Some not great things for kids and adults would’ve happened if it didn’t come to pass.”

Moving forward, the district still wishes to maintain its transparency with this referendum and future proposed projects.

“If community members still have questions our doors are still open, and we’re more than happy to answer questions. Transparency is important,” said Lucius.

If there are any further questions or concerns community members may have, there will also be the district’s annual community meeting taking place Wednesday, July 12, at 6 p.m. at Ashwaubenon’s district office at its 1055 Griffiths Lane location.

More details regarding the referendum and upcoming projects within the district will be made available to community members at this meeting.

“As a district we appreciate community support, and we are not taking it for granted,” said Lucius. “We will always be thankful for the community’s support for this referendum, and the support for the direction we, as a district, are going in.”

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