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Shining a spotlighting on tech skills

By Stephanie Faudoa

Contributing Writer

GREEN BAY – An upcoming event hosted by Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) will shine a light on excellence in technical skills.

The 2023 Tech Challenge allows high-school students to use their technological skills and compete for the chance to win an NWTC scholarship.

NWTC Campus Experience Coordinator Kelly Barrette brings to light what the Tech Challenge is all about.

“The Tech Challenge is an annual competition for high school students, and it is designed to promote and reward their excellence in academic and technical skills. This also provides scholarship opportunities as well as encourages students to go to college. It is really about getting students excited about careers and college,” Barrette explained.

Tech Challenge allows high school students to take what they learn in their college-accredited classes through NWTC and bring their ideas to life.

“NWTC partners with a lot of high schools for dual-credit options so students can actually earn college credit in high school so the students can learn the skills in manufacturing, construction, and things like that. Tech Challenge then allows them to put those skills to work, linking those classes to actual careers,” Barrette added.

There are 200 students that are signed up for Tech Challenge.

When it comes to what the students should expect in regard to offerings and judging when being involved in the Tech Challenge, Barette said, “We have a variety of different challenges like welding skills, robot build, music production, architectural drawing, and that is just a few of them, and we will also be awarding $20,000 in scholarships. Our judges are from the industry. They are faculty and staff members. A lot of really great judges come to judge the students’ work. After they compete, we conclude with an award ceremony where we announce all of our scholarship winners.”

NWTC is excited to get these high school students on campus and allow them to get a taste of what college life has to offer.

“We are most excited to get students on campus. Sometimes just taking them to our campus so they can see our labs and spaces and meet the instructors helps the students get excited about their careers and going to college. Especially after Covid-19, we are really excited to be able to have students on campus again,” said Barrette.

When it comes to a word of advice from Barrete for the students competing in the Tech Challenge, she stated, “Do your best, and come and have fun!”

The 2023 Tech Challenge on April 14, 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. at NWTC’s Marinette and Green Bay locations.

For more information, visit www.nwtc.edu/events/2023/04/tech-challenge.

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