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Eight run for four spots on De Pere Common Council



Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not reflect the opinions of this publication or Multi Media Channels.

DE PERE – Eight candidates are competing for four spots on the De Pere Common Council on April 4.

Three incumbents and a former alderman are in the mix as well.

In District 1, incumbent Amy Chandik Kundinger, a mom of two and avid park advocate, faces off against Phil Collins, a newcomer to De Pere’s political scene.

In District 2, incumbent Jonathon Hansen, a member of the historic preservation commission and current common council president, faces a challenge by young podcaster and author Noah Tetzner who also serves on a number of city boards.

District3 will see Mike Eserkain face incumbent Dean Raasch; while incumbent John Quigley will face Jenny Palzewicz in District 4.

District 1

Amy Chandik Kundinger (Incumbent)

Chandik Kundinger


I’m currently in my second term on the De Pere City Council, serving on the finance/personnel committee and the board of park commissioners. My interest and commitment to civic engagement were established well before my role as an alderperson – previously serving for three years as a citizen representative on the plan commission and as an active member of the Strategic Visioning & Branding Committee. Working at St. Norbert College as the director of business & community engagement allows me to lead initiatives such as the CEO Breakfast Series, Knights on the Fox, and a multitude of business investment partnerships with the college.

As a past six-year board member of the De Pere Chamber, I now partner with the economic development committee, which manages events such as the De Pere Business Walk. I initiated the State of De Pere event five years ago and continue to manage this tradition that showcases the Mayor’s annual address and the collaborative efforts of the city, chamber, Definitely De Pere, and St. Norbert College in advancing De Pere’s quality of life and economic prosperity. These experiences provide me with the opportunity to guide meaningful communication channels between citizens, local businesses, and city government.

Why are you running?

De Pere is home. I live and work in De Pere. My children go to De Pere schools. I am running for re-election because I believe my community involvement and professional experience are a benefit to District 1 and the city of De Pere. I approach my role as an alderperson by actively listening, asking questions, collecting information, and finding solutions. Citizen feedback is instrumental in how I serve.

Over the years, I have built a proud track record of working collaboratively and understanding all aspects of an issue. I am dedicated to representing my neighbors and the greater community by correlating my desire to learn, share, and act on matters that enhance living in De Pere with astute fiscal responsibility for the city’s budget.

Voting for me means you’ll have continued representation from a fellow citizen who is genuinely invested in our community.

What do you feel are three of the biggest issues in the city and how will you address them?

Unlike many cities our size, De Pere has incredible momentum and financial health to tackle issues from a position of strength. There are many ways to prioritize the  issues De Pere is managing; the common thread among all issues is the impact to our quality of life. With this lens in mind, three priorities for the city include strategic economic development, investing in traffic infrastructure, and managing the rising cost of housing.

Strategic Economic Development

Over the next year, both downtown and our industrial parks are positioned well for growth that must complement maintaining our high-quality residential experience.

As an example of striking this important balance, I support the city’s partnership in working with the new property owners of the Shopko facility and the cohesive plan that integrates housing types, retail, commercial, public, and green space for economic development that will maintain our sense of place. This similar concept is being applied to the property adjacent to the Mulva Cultural Center at the 100 block of South Broadway.

In addition to large development projects, I also support deploying resources, such as the facade grant program, to invest in our current vibrant small businesses and to attract newcomers.

Investing in traffic infrastructure

With the anticipated growth in the downtown over the next few years, the city continues to plan for the efficient flow of traffic. The Southern Bridge represents a monumental project that will improve traffic flows throughout our city. De Pere, along with other government agencies, continues to fund the design of the first planning phase, with initial construction of the interchange tentatively scheduled to start in 2025.

I will continue to support the design development of the second planning phase that extends the interchange to the Fox River. Last spring, the federal government allocated $5 million toward the design of the bridge over the Fox River for the third planning phase. Recently, the Governor’s office announced an intention to include $50 million in the state budget for Phase 3. There is a lot of momentum moving this project forward, and I will continue to champion for the city in realizing this goal.

In addition to the Southern Bridge investment, I voted to commission a parking study, which is currently being implemented to assure there is ample access to parking for downtown businesses and residents as our city develops.

Managing the rising cost of housing

De Pere recognizes there are multiple obstacles to accessing financing for purchasing and maintaining a home. During a recent council meeting, I advocated for using a portion of the $2.6 million American Rescue Plan Act funds (ARPA) for a multitude of housing programs such as the De Pere Housing Action Plan, which identifies measures the city can take to increase our housing supply, bolster the diversity of housing options, and increase affordability for residents.

Another housing opportunity for current residents is the well-established Habitat for Humanity “Rock the Block” program, which improves and beautifies neighborhoods while increasing property values.

In addition, I support using ARPA funds for investment in city infrastructure programs to assist residents with home maintenance costs such as sump pump installation.

Phil Collins



I have a B.A. in political science and a Master’s in Public Administration.  In 2013, when I lived near Chicago, I was elected to be a township trustee, in a nonpartisan election.  I was in the U.S. Navy for 21 years, including six months near Baghdad.  I worked for a public relations company, as an account executive, for almost six years.

Why are you running? 

I’m running because I think that my education and political experience would help me serve the town well.  If I win, I’ll never vote to increase anyone’s city property tax bill.  I know many people who live and/or work in De Pere, and I’d ensure that I’d consider their views.

What do you feel are three of the biggest issues in the city and how will you address them?

Not enough people know about new De Pere businesses

If I win, I’ll ask the city government webmaster to add a page that would list new businesses. That would help the companies find customers and employees. Residents might like that information if they need to buy those products and/or apply for jobs. I’d help by looking for businesses and sending suggestions.


A few residents told me that some streets aren’t plowed often enough.  A resident in my district said that she’s never seen a snow plow on her street.  If I win, I’ll survey many residents and give my suggestions to the streets department.


I don’t like roundabouts, and I met some other residents who don’t like them.  About 10 times within the past 18 months, while I drove through roundabouts, people who should have yielded to me kept going, almost causing me to be in accidents. If I win, I’ll try to ensure that De Pere won’t have more roundabouts.  I hope that, instead, those potential locations would have four-way stops.

District 2

Jonathon Hansen (Incumbent)



Alderperson on the De Pere Common Council representing District 2 since 2017, and De Pere Common Council President since 2021. Chair of the Historic Preservation Commission and member of Definitely De Pere’s Design & Public Arts Committee.

Born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin and resident of De Pere for the past 15 years. Bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin, and master’s degree from Marquette University. Former writing instructor at Marquette University. Extensive experience in the financial services industry, including currently working as a senior universal banker for a local credit union.

Why are you running?

We have made tremendous progress as a city in the six years that I have been on the common council. We have managed to remain fiscally responsible while still providing exceptional services to our residents. I am running to continue moving De Pere in a positive direction.

Since I joined the council, we have: secured an unprecedented $55 million in federal and state funding for the Brown County Southern Bridge project, with another $50 million that will be requested by Wisconsin DOT in the upcoming state budget; approved a timeline to build a new Legion Pool in 2026; resurfaced more than 100 streets, and successfully lobbied Wisconsin DOT to add reconstruction of Main Avenue and Reid Street (State Hwy 32) back to its list of future projects;  increased public safety budget by 17% and invested in new police and fire vehicles; and lowered the property tax mill rate by 13%, while increasing the City’s reserve fund by more than 20%.

The De Pere Common Council has long had a reputation as being a strong nonpartisan body that focuses on practical solutions, not ideological agendas.

I have worked to preserve that legacy, which is why I have gained the respect of my colleagues, who have chosen me as their Common Council president and chair of the Historic Preservation Commission. I am running to ensure that the Council continues to deliver results for De Pere’s residents.

Finally, I love helping my constituents and keeping them updated on my work as their alderperson. I personally hand-deliver newsletters to every home in the district and mail them to every apartment and business. So far, I have distributed nearly 25,000 newsletters.

What do you feel are three of the biggest issues in the city and how will you address them?

Southern Bridge Corridor

This project was first proposed in 1968, and, as previously mentioned, we have made major headway on finally making the Southern Bridge a reality. Construction on the new I-41 interchange will begin in 2025, and the project will move eastward from there. I will continue partnering with local, state, and federal officials  to secure the remaining funds needed so that the entire corridor can be completed by 2029. We are also working on plans to construct a 10-foot-wide paved bike and pedestrian path that will run along the north side of the corridor. During the construction phase, I will aim to minimize disruptions to residents along the corridor.

New Legion Pool

Shortly before I was first elected in April 2017, the Common Council voted unanimously to eventually close Legion Pool permanently and build a single aquatic center on the west side. I led the effort on the Council to rescind that decision and to instead let the community decide via referendum whether to replace Legion Pool. The referendum passed, and we are now on track to begin design for the new Legion Pool in 2025 and construct it in 2026. The timeline could potentially be moved up if the condition of the existing Legion Pool  deteriorates beyond repair before then.

One of my top priorities now will be to ensure that the design for the new Legion Pool reflects the wishes of the community. Many residents have expressed a desire for the new pool to be similar in style to the current pool, with ample space for free swimming, which will also nicely complement the new VFW aquatic center.

Continuing to revitalize our downtown

This is an exciting time for our downtown, with the Mulva Cultural Center opening next summer, Cobblestone Hotel having opened in December, and Bosse’s News & Tobacco moving from Green Bay to De Pere.

In 2020, I worked with staff to create a pandemic relief loan program that helped more than 50 of our small businesses continue to thrive. Moving forward, one of my major priorities will be helping more businesses to open in our downtown, including at the old Shopko site and South Broadway between George Street and the roundabout.

In 2018, I introduced reforms to make our downtown façade grant program more beneficial for local businesses. The Common Council approved these changes, which included increasing the maximum façade grant amount and making the City’s matching funds more generous. I am proud of all the façade projects that have been completed since then and will continue to work with business owners and Definitely De Pere to distribute additional grants.

Finally, staff is currently working on a program called “Look Up De Pere” that would offer forgivable loans to downtown property owners who renovate upper-story units above storefronts and make them available as affordable housing units. Ideally this program will launch later this year.

Noah Tetzner



As a lifelong De Pere resident and small business owner, I am committed and invested in serving this community.

I serve on Definitely De Pere’s Economic Enhancement Committee, where I work to bring new businesses to the city and retain existing ones.

I also serve on De Pere’s Historic Preservation Commission, where I work to protect the city’s historic buildings.

I am local. I love De Pere and believe it is the greatest city in Wisconsin. I currently live on Bomier Street and grew up on S. Michigan Street, then lived on Brule Road and North Broadway.

I am the one from De Pere and the one for De Pere.

Why are you running?

I am running for alderperson to be a voice for the people of my district. I am not a partisan activist seeking to push a political agenda in city government. My platform is one of nonpartisanship.

Over the last two months, I have personally knocked on over 1,000 doors, connecting with the people of District 2 and listening to their concerns.

In 2023, De Pere is at the peak of opportunity. These are the concerns I hear about most often from residents in my district:

The Southern Bridge – a project 60 plus years in the making, has finally secured $55 million in state and federal funding, with another $50 million requested in this year’s state budget. Construction will begin in 2025.

Main Avenue – a vital artery connecting De Pere’s west side to our existing bridge, is riddled with potholes and deteriorating pavement. The road’s Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is as low  -as 21 out of 100, making it a danger to residents and the community. While the road is technically a state highway, working with the Wisconsin DOT to help ensure progress will be a top priority for me if elected as Alderperson.

The Expansion of Downtown – revitalizing the old Shopko site, increasing the number of parking spaces, and working to bring new businesses to De Pere to create well-paying jobs in our community, are my priorities if elected.

What do you feel are three of the biggest issues in the city and how will you address them?

The concerns I most often hear about from residents are:

The Southern Bridge

The project has gained unprecedented momentum. Construction will begin in 2025. If I am elected, I will work with the county executive, county board, and state legislators to ensure additional funding is secured so the project isn’t delayed as it has been countless times over the last 60+ years.

Main Avenue

This key road is in desperate need of repair. New construction is not slated to begin until 2028. De Pere residents cannot afford to wait another five years. If I am elected, I will lobby state officials to speed up the repair of Main Avenue so the road is no longer a danger to residents and the community.

Expanding Downtown

As a member of Definitely De Pere’s Economic Enhancement Committee, I have a proven record of helping to bring new businesses to the city and retaining existing ones. De Pere’s shops and restaurants are the life of our vibrant downtown, which I will work to expand. I will ensure any expansions maintain the quaint, hometown feel that makes De Pere the city we love.

Finally, a critical issue facing De Pere is the need for nonpartisanship on the Common Council. I am running for Alderperson to be a voice for the people of my district.

My opponent has pushed his partisan agenda since being elected. He decreased the public safety budget by 4% in real dollars, opposed the Brown County Health Department by voting to shut down the county fair, and advocated against the farmer’s market.

Let’s not forget he also ran for state senate in 2020, raising $1.4 million, including campaign donations from ‘’Defund-the-Police’’ special interest groups.

I am from De Pere, with De Pere values. I want to be your voice. I would be honored to represent you as Alderperson.

Read response to District 2 profiles here: https://gopresstimes.com/2023/03/29/letter-to-the-editor-candidate-responds-to-online-posting/

District 3

Dean Raasch (Incumbent)



Current Alderman in District 3 serving the community since 2014. I am married to my wife Carrie. Together we have three children: Derek, Kaeli and Kort. I have been a resident of De Pere for the past 24 years and am employed by Service Motor Company as a regional manager.

Why are you running?

I have been serving the city of De Pere in my capacity as Alderman of District 3 since 2014. I am honored to have had the support of my district as well as the city for the past nine years. During those past nine years I have helped lead numerous projects that have benefited our great city. My efforts helped us to build the Art Alley and The Mulva Cultural Center. We are seeing new businesses coming to De Pere like Bosse’s, Green Bay Packaging, Georgia Pacific, and Aldi’s. During my time we have added a farmers market, new aquatic center at VFW Park, improved miles of roads, added miles of new sidewalks, installed new playground equipment and created a family-friendly beer garden event to support our parks department.

I’m excited for the direction of De Pere. More importantly, I’m proud of what we have been able to accomplish over the past nine years. I am running for re-election to keep De Pere moving in that forward direction. We are a great city, and I will make sure we continue to be a great city.

What do you feel are the three biggest issues facing the city, and what would you do to address them?

Growing Tax Base with Development

One area of continued focus is finding ways to grow our economic base as well as developing housing options for those who wish to live in De Pere. A project that I helped move forward is the Humana property that is being subdivided for new housing. The options for residents range from smaller, more affordable homes to larger parcels for those who want more space. It is a great blend of property options for anyone wanting to move to De Pere.

I want to continue to make sure our ordinances and building codes are beneficial to the city, developers and buyers. Having a process and codes that are beneficial to our city, developers, residents and business makes it easy for everyone to work together while maintaining a quality of life in De Pere that other communities envy.

Over the next 5-10 years the city will hopefully start feeling the positive impact of the Southern Bridge project. It is important that we continue to find ways to encourage business/industrial development along that corridor. We have a strong work force in the area, and this enhancement will only make our business climate stronger.

Finally, our downtown has a ton of potential. I believe that we haven’t even scratched the surface with development downtown. Continuing to find projects that bring more people downtown, such as the Cobblestone project, or creating mixed-use properties to promote more downtown living like the 102 Broadway project. All of these projects will continue to strengthen our downtown. This will encourage more development, making it viable for future business growth and increasing the number of residents that will soon call our downtown home.

In my opinion the path we are on will make De Pere a very desirable area to live, work, play and build businesses.

Budget Constraints

Over the past few years, we have seen the impact of inflation and labor shortages. We have struggled to keep infrastructure costs within our budget guidelines. Additionally, we have seen struggles finding staff, especially for our summer programs, including lifeguards that are essential for keeping our pools open for all to enjoy. Additionally, the staffing struggles have resulted in wage pressures. Those increased wages affect our annual budgets and our ability to fund other needs in the city.

In the past year we had to push nearly $1 million of infrastructure cost to the 2023 budget because of those higher costs. Shared revenue from the state is not keeping up with extreme inflation. The city is forced to be creative in funding projects that are needed by our community. We use various forms of borrowing from short-term loans to long-term bonding. I have been the voice of reason making sure that we are constantly reassessing our debt to make sure we are in a strong position as a city and not borrowing too much money.

As mentioned above, development is essential to growing our tax base so we can continue to budget for and afford the services that our community needs and has come to expect.

Maintaining High Level of Services

As the city is continuously finding ways to fund city services, the aforementioned topics impact the decisions we make with budgeting those services if the revenue isn’t available. In a recent conversation with our Chief of Police, it was revealed that the city has seen a big influx of meth and fentanyl in our city. We also experienced some tragic fentanyl deaths and that is something we don’t want to see in our city. We need to make sure our police and first responders have all the resources they need to be safe, keep us safe and help save lives. My opponent has been an outspoken advocate of defunding the police. With the challenges we are having, now is not the time to take money away from our emergency services.

We are also in need of infrastructure upgrades, including a new municipal services center, fire station and compost site. All of these needs will cost millions of dollars. To get the upgrades we need, we need to be able to fund them.

With the hard work of our staff and my guidance on the Common Council, we can make that happen.

Mike Eserkaln



Mike Eserkaln has been a resident of De Pere since moving here to attend St. Norbert College. He graduated with an English major in 1994. He is the owner of ComedyCity and has been operating the small business in Downtown De Pere since 2005. He served as Alderman for De Pere’s 3rd district from 2020 – 2022.

Why are you running?

As a former Alderman, I’m familiar with how the Common Council works, and I know I can be useful in that capacity. When I previously ran, I only had one specific goal (a green arrow at 9th Street and Main Avenue). I find that a targeted specific goal allows for more focus and ultimate success.

My specific goal for this campaign is addressing the emerald ash borer problem. For a while now, the city’s forestry services have been overwhelmed by the workload of removing ash trees. This has caused delays in other tree maintenance around the city.

There’s also the issue of replacing the trees that are taken down. The city has helped with planting new trees. I believe the current policy is planting one tree for every two that are taken down. I believe there needs to be a more aggressive push for more replacement trees.

I also think a community garden would be neat, but one project at a time!

What do you feel are the three biggest issues facing the city, and what would you do to address them?

Southern Bridge

This project has been in the works for many years, and every year we make a little more progress on it.

Main Avenue repairs

The Wisconsin DOT is finally moving forward with repairs and rethinking of Main Avenue, although the project isn’t anticipated to be completed until 2028. As a business owner on that street, I believe I have valuable insight that will be useful in the planning stages of this project.


There’s a giant empty building on the east side of downtown. We need to address what to do with it. Between the unused parking lot and giant building, it’s an incredible waste of valuable space.

District 4

John Quigley (Incumbent)



DePere resident for the past 22 years,  lifelong resident of Northeast Wisconsin. I am nearing the end of my first two-year term as an Alderperson for District 4 and am proud to serve the residents of DePere. I have learned a great many things while in office, especially that the city staff and elected officials work hard on behalf of our community and continue to demonstrate extraordinary professionalism and dedication.

I currently serve on the common council, the finance/personnel committee, the board of health, and as chair of the sustainability commission. I am an instrumental music teacher for the Green Bay Area Public Schools and have been a leader in public education for 30 years, including several union leadership positions.

I have experience in the private sector, including health insurance, mortgage banking and retail. I also work as the Concert Operations Manager for the Peninsula Music Festival in Door County and have maintained a successful business as a freelance musician since 1991.

Community involvement includes Big Brothers and Big Sisters of NE Wisconsin, Civic Symphony of Green Bay (board member, volunteer, and performer), NE Wisconsin Community Arts Task Force, Kaukauna Community Players, Evergreen Theater.

Why are you running?

I’m running for office because I believe that diverse opinions in local government are extremely important. I want to represent my neighbors and fellow citizens and believe that I can listen to all sides of an argument while working with others to achieve a consensus.

I believe that local government can have the greatest impact on our daily lives. Every DePere citizen deserves to have their opinions heard and have their voices represented. I am running for this non-partisan position because I think that the divisiveness of national politics has had a negative effect on too many aspects of our daily lives. I want to work with any and all to find responsible solutions to community concerns.

What do you feel are the three biggest issues facing the city, and what would you do to address them?

Responsible growth while maintaining high quality of life

DePere is a growing, vibrant community and a desirable destination for people to live, work, and play. City government needs to protect the natural resources, encourage economic development, and make sure that all residents feel safe and secure. At the same time, fiscal responsibility means that we have to plan wisely for future challenges.

Taxpayer interests must be protected, and all citizens need to see that their

dollars are being used responsibly. As an alderperson, my role is to study proposals before the public meetings, to research trends and best practices in other communities, and to ask pertinent questions when faced with difficult policy decisions.

Sustainability issues and smart business/economic growth

I believe that we are at an important tipping point in finding the proper balance between economic development and protecting our natural resources. A July 2022 study by the St. Norbert College Strategic Institute showed that in a sample of DePere residents, 70% indicate that “the city should place a high priority on expanding efforts to preserve the natural environment” and 55% indicate a “high priority should be placed on strengthening support of sustainable infrastructure.” I agree with both of those statements and believe that addressing climate change is not only a great challenge but also a tremendous opportunity as we find ways to navigate the future.

DePere has been a leader in many ways and will continue to do so. Business leaders will find ways to grow their bottom line while functioning in the best interest of local and global environments. As chair of the DePere Sustainability Commission, I meet monthly with leaders in our community who are exploring ideas of sustainable living, stewardship to the planet and innovative business ideas. We are recommending voluntary actions and programs that any citizen can do and making recommendations to the Common Council for their consideration.

Fair funding through state aids

An important source of revenue for the City of De Pere is state aid. Vital services like police, fire protection, EMS, and public infrastructure are more expensive every year, and we depend heavily on local property taxes. In fact, state sales tax and income tax revenues have tripled in the last 30 years but the share of those taxes going to communities

has decreased. I will continue to work with the Mayor, Common Council, and our local representatives in Madison to address this concern. The League of Wisconsin Municipalities has a proposal which would help to address this issue, in a way that no community “would get less than they are [receiving] today” and it would be a “sustainable, growing funding source moving forward.”

Jenny Palzewicz



My husband, Jason and I have been married for 15 years. We have two kids, Alex, 9, and Emily, 5 years old.

My husband and I have always thought that De Pere is a lovely gem of a city within northeast Wisconsin. De Pere has maintained wonderful small town values which allows its citizens to focus on faith, family, work and definitely play.

In just parks alone, De Pere has all of us citizens covered from Voyageur to the Fox River Trail to the VFW pool as well as so many other neighborhood parks nestled within our city, allowing so many families, including my own, to enjoy many fun experiences outdoors while being so close to home.

Why are you running?

I enjoy caring for others so much that I became a registered nurse, and that care for others has led me to run for common council. 

If honored by your vote on April 4 to become Alderperson of District 4, I will collaborate with our city leaders in order to keep De Pere a thriving community. Staying citizen-focused is important to me because any elected seat within our city is representing you.

As alders, we all have different backgrounds, and each of us has endured various experiences.  Many of those experiences, though individual, may help to shape Common Council by bringing a wealth of knowledge into board meetings, for example, which will assist us as we work together to solve any problems that may arise, maintain the high standards put forth by you, the citizen, with the day-to-day running of the city as well as continuing to plan for the future.

What do you feel are three of the biggest issues in the city and how will you address them?


Many of you who may be reading this may think, what … crime? Yes, according to crimegrade.org, De Pere has a crime grade of C. With a population of just over 25,000, this site ranks De Pere in a 44th percentile. “A crime occurs every 7 hours 43 minutes (on average) in De Pere” according to crimegrade.org.  For many reasons and crime being one of them, it is so vitally important that we support the police department, along with the fire/EMT departments.

Likewise, it’s important to ensure that they have the supplies needed to do their jobs as well as appropriate training for any new and improved equipment/supplies besides continuous education to keep up to date with their highly important skills.

Furthermore, building an appropriate level of staff so that these fine men and women have appropriate time off to spend with  their own families. This should all be done in hope of creating a healthy work- and home-life balance, for all of the men & women who work so hard to protect and secure De Pere.


Stabilizing versus raising taxes in times of inflation is a true concern of many citizens.  Property taxes are commonly the largest source of tax revenue for many local governments, De Pere included. The leaders of De Pere continue to work hard at encouraging businesses to come and establish within the city.

I, too, would like to assist in the outreach of businesses of nearly any size, to plant roots, here in De Pere.  In doing so, these businesses would not only provide jobs for our citizens, but they would be another tax-revenue source for our city, which in turn, may help offset some of the costs to maintain our city.


Infrastructure is part of a healthy economy, and we should always be maintaining and improving our infrastructure. It is true that infrastructure and taxes go hand in hand. Roads, for example: Properly maintained city roads appeal to businesses looking to open up in De Pere. Properly maintained roads keep citizens happy and encourage established businesses to stay in De Pere.

Attracting and retaining businesses increases the city’s tax revenue, which can offset some of the taxes that come from residents. It’s important for many of us to remember that there’s a difference between city roads and state highways. The state highways are maintained by the state and De Pere is responsible for maintaining city streets. With that said, it’s important to request funds from the state whenever the state highways are in need of repair.

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