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More than 40 German cars were on display at the The Automobile Gallery Saturday, Oct. 1 for the first ever AUTOberfest featuring beautiful cars, German food and, of course, beer.

On display were everything from current-generation AMG Mercedes and Porsche models all the way back to Volkswagen Bugs and Buses. Pictured is a 1971 VW Beetle owned by Jerry Liebher of Kewaunee.

He said the Beetle looked great when he got it five years ago with its unique paint job, done in Colorado, but mechanically, it was in need of major repair. Lieber, a retired VW technician who started turning wrenches on the iconic German automobiles when he got out of the Army in 1968, rebuilt the transmission and replaced the motor and now, he’s happy to report that his eye-catching Beetle hums right along at 65 MPH.

Josh Staloch Photo

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