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Green Bay police officer recognized for life-saving efforts

By Press Times Staff

GREEN BAY – Many times, split-second decisions by police officers can save lives in an emergency situation.

That statement is true for an incident that occurred earlier this year in the City of Green Bay.

Thanks to the immediate actions of Green Bay Police Officer Michael O’Donnell, a 40-year-old male is still alive.

Earlier this year, O’Donnell arrived first on the scene of a medical assist call.

Lt. Jordan Atlas, O’Donnell’s shift commander, said O’Donnell immediately started life-saving measures (CPR) on the unresponsive patient and continued until rescue crews arrived, not knowing at the time how long the man had been unresponsive.

Paramedics said the patient had been unresponsive for about 20-25 minutes before a viable cardiac rhythm was finally established and he was transported to a local hospital.

Atlas said O’Donnell’s assessment upon arrival and immediate decision to start CPR gave paramedics the ability to continue providing medical treatment to help save the patient’s life.

“As Officer O’Donnell’s shift commander, I am incredibly proud of his immediate action in this situation along with the fortitude of all those involved with life saving measures,” Atlas said.

O’Donnell’s life-saving measure did not go unnoticed.

Late last month, in recognition of his efforts, O’Donnell was awarded the Wings of Life from Green Bay Metro Fire Chief David Litton and Medical Director Dr. McCarty.

This isn’t the first time O’Donnell has come to the “rescue.”

Along with fellow officer Shawna Coron, O’Donnell helped a resident give birth to a healthy baby boy in a Walgreens parking lot in January 2021.

O’Donnell wasn’t comfortable commenting, but The Press Times wanted to recognize his heroic actions.

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