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Four face primary for Green Bay District 6

By Press Times Staff

GREEN BAY – Residents in Green Bay’s District 6 will have a new person representing them on the Common Council for the first time in several years, after Kathy Lefebvre announced late last year she would not seek reelection.

Newcomers Andrew Gerlach, Steve Campbell, Aron Obrecht and Paul Boucher will face off in the Feb. 15 primary.

The top two vote-getters move on to the April 5 general election.

Candidates were emailed the same question and had 200 words to respond.

“What do you see as the most important issue facing the City of Green Bay and District 6, and if elected, how will you address it?”

Andrew Gerlach

A: I feel that one of our largest issues in Green Bay is the lack of affordable housing.

We are seeing home and rental prices continue to rise, and there appears to be a gap in what is available to rent and/or purchase.

I believe we have a few different buildings that are currently sitting vacant that could be repurposed to help bridge this gap, if the current owners are willing to work with us.

I believe there is another piece of this issue that is a little more difficult to address at a local level, but we are seeing a cliff that residents who are currently receiving help are afraid to take different jobs or pay increases, due to the fact that even a dollar or two raise an hour could cause them to no longer be eligible for benefits.

So, they get stuck where they are at.

We need to find a solution that will allow them the opportunity to transition a little easier without the worry of losing the assistance they are currently receiving. 

Steven Campbell

A: Safety concerns within our neighborhoods – like the increase of shots fired in the community and the current (struggle to fill) positions on our city’s police force, not defunding them; while wasting time and money on a new design of a city logo, (is) just a poor example of fiscal accountability to the citizens of Green Bay.

“We the People” elect our officials, and expect them to look after our safety and our well-being, and should protect and respect our rights as citizens. I would work closely with the members already on the City Council demanding accountability and a tough on crime agenda. I would facilitate neighborhood groups and forums to educate and discuss issues about the functionality of our local government and try to build community awareness and involvement.

Aron William Obrecht

A: The most pressing issue I have seen is disillusionment with government and the lack of respect for each other.

It is all too apparent when trying to discuss issues with other members of the community.

These are foundational issues that cannot continue to go unaddressed.

Very simply, I plan to represent the entirety of District 6 through actively encouraging civic engagement amongst constituents, Green Bay’s government and fostering honest and civil conversations in order to gain understanding of one another.

The concerns that have been expressed most often to me are about public schools, the problems facing public safety and effects of COVID-19, and its haphazard response.

Many have been forced to operate without a government able to perform some of its traditional functions, and we need to correct this.

I do not possess the arrogance to claim to have packaged, fail-proof solutions, but I am confident that as a community, we can come together to develop actionable solutions.

The Green Bay community has shown that it can come together and address every hard time thus far.

This may be one of the toughest yet, but my confidence is in the people of Green Bay. 

Paul Boucher

A: The city parks department could use an extreme makeover.

An indoor park would give the community year-round opportunities to enjoy exercise and community involvement.

An indoor parking ramp and skywalks will make the city more habitable.

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