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Green Bay City Pages’ 2021 year-end favorites

A round-up of some of the films, places, music and local eats our writers enjoyed this past year

John McCracken

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With the end of every year comes the dreaded “listicles.”

Top 50 best albums of the year. Green Bay’s top 10 new beers this year. Top 23 Marvel movies that came out this summer. 2021’s Best songs to listen to while you work from home but have to take your dog outside every 13 minutes or he’ll start to eat the carpet.

It’s overwhelming, highly subjective and more flotsam noise in an already crowded media landscape. Here at Green Bay City Pages, we care more about connecting with our readers than we do handing down assessments from some invisible “best of” ivory tower.

This year we’ve compiled a list of Green Bay City Pages’ favorites. This list was put together with the help of our contributors and we hope it peels back the layers of who writes our stories and who they are as a person. Maybe you hate a restaurant review one of our writers wrote, but you somehow have the exact same taste in music and movies that got you through this year.

Thanks for indulging us in our favorites and thank you for reading with us this year. Enjoy!

Favorite album(s) released in 2021

  • BlackPink’s “The Album” (Christina Thor)*
  • Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour” (Kira Doman)
  • James Vincent McMorrow’s “Grapefruit Season,” Noah Kahan’s “I Was/I Am” (Rachel Sankey)
  • SeeYouSpaceCowboy’s “The Romance of Affliction,” Every Time I Die’s “Radical” (John McCracken)

Favorite release(s) from a Wisconsin band in 2021

  • Snag’s “Death Doula,” Dear Mr. Watterson’s “Confusion Perfected,” The Proud Parents’ “At Home With…,” Cicada The Burrower’s “Corpseflower” (John McCracken)

Favorite release(s) from a Green Bay band in 2021

  • Vredensdal’s “Silence Is Eternal,” Sweetalk’s self-titled album (John McCracken)

Favorite film(s) released in 2021

  • Bo Burnham: Inside, The Eternals (Kira Doman)
  • Dune (Eric Drzewiecki)
  • Godzilla vs. Kong (John McCracken)
  • Last Night in Soho (Rachel Sankey)

Favorite local restaurant you got take out from

  • Asian Taste, 722 Bodart St (Christina Thor)
  • Green Tea Chinese Drive-Thru, 2276 E Mason St (Rachel Sankey)
  • Kavarna Coffeehouse, 143 N Broadway (Kira Doman)
  • Taqueria Maldonados, 1737 Main St (John McCracken)
  • Taqueria Michoacan, 1207 E Mason St (Eric Drzewiecki)

Favorite television show released in 2021

  • Rutherford Falls (John McCracken)
  • Squid Games (Christina Thor)

Favorite video game release in 2021

  • Cozy Grove (Rachel Sankey)
  • Pokemon Unite (John McCracken)

Favorite non-Packers thing you did this year

  • Hiked around FonFerek’s Glen with my roommate (Rachel Sankey)
  • Mural hunting in the Green Bay area (Kira Doman)
  • Trick-r-treating with my son (John McCracken)
  • Van Gogh Exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum (Eric Drzewiecki)

*Editor’s note: this was released in late 2020, but I’ll allow it

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