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Ashwaubenon girls’ swimming wins conference relays

By Rich Palzewic
Sports Editor

ASHWAUBENON – The Ashwaubenon girls’ swimming team won the Fox River Classic Conference Relays Aug. 26 at the Ashwaubenon Community Pool.

The Jaguars edged Bay Port by two points (124-122) to win the meet.

Green Bay United (98), De Pere (86), Sheboygan North (80), Manitowoc Lincoln (64), Pulaski (58) and Sheboygan South (28) also competed in the eight-team event.

Below are the top area results in each event, all of which are relays.

200-yard medley relay

1, ASH, 1:52.59 (Bry Bellile, Jocelyn McNicoll, Emily Selissen, Sienna Nitke); 2, GBU, 1:54.13 (Ella Sieber, Ivana Neverman, Brigitta Neverman, Lily Awe); 3, BP, 1:56.11 (Adie Tooley, Sydney Aird, Shannon Hanley, Catie Nowak).

600 freestyle relay

1, GBU, 6:20 (B. Neverman, Awe, I. Neverman); 2, DP, 6:23.91 (Madeline Finstad, Izzi Zablocki, Carly Larson); 3, BP, 6:29.98 (Emily Callaway, Anna Seroogy, Nowak).

400 medley relay

1, GBU, 4:31.71 (E. Sieber, Claire Sieber, Cassandra Ullman, B. Neverman); 2, BP, 4:28.08 (Alyla Tooley, Addison Aird, Kate Zurowski, Adelyn Zurowski); 3, ASH, 4:43.62 (Chloe O’Connell, Kenzie Hartford, Kelly Vyskocil, E. Selissen).

200 freestyle relay

2, ASH, 1:47.77 (McNicoll, Jazlynn Phillips, Berritt Herr, Erin Schuch).

300 backstroke relay

1, ASH, 3:14.29 (Liz Witt, Vyskocil, Bellile); 2, BP, 3:20.30 (Adie Tooley, Ella Lohmeier, Alyla Tooley); 3, DP, 3:43.67 (Julie Broadrick, Alaina Hibbard, Kennedy Moore).

500 freestyle relay

1, DP, 5:05.74 (Larson, I. Zablocki, D. Zablocki, Jenna Finstad); 2, BP, 5:07.44 (Callaway, Nowak, Hanley, Seroogy).

300 breaststroke relay

1, BP, 3:21.84 (S. Aird, A. Zurowski, Alyla Tooley, A. Aird); 2, ASH, 3:34.61 (McNicoll, Nitke, Katie Jadin, Herr).

200 butterfly relay

1, GBU, 1:56.29 (Awe, C. Sieber, Ullman, E. Sieber); 2, BP, 1:58.04 (Adie Tooley, Aleeya Guerndt, A. Aird, K. Zurowski); 3, ASH, 1:59.76 (Hartford, Vyskocil, Schuch, Selissen).

400 freestyle relay

1, ASH, 3:37.65 (Bellile, Liz Witt, Schuch, Nitke); 2, BP, 3:50.19 (S. Aird, Callaway, Hanley, A. Zurowski); 3, DP, 3:57.36 (D. Zablocki, I. Zablocki, M. Finstad, Larson).

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