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Allouez board drops Lebrun Yard Waste expansion project

By Lea Kopke
Staff Writer

ALLOUEZ – About 20 people gathered to protest the expansion of the Lebrun Yard Waste site into a joint location with De Pere and Ledgeview at the village board’s July 21 meeting.

Public Works Director Sean Gehin shared findings from a feasibility study on the project, including construction details and potential impacts like traffic, noise, dust, environmental impacts and a loss of property value.

Gehin said the benefits of the project included sharing operational costs with two communities to save money and reduce the possibility nonresidents use the site.

De Pere and Ledgeview would have covered 100% of the construction costs.

Gehin said the public works committee recommended the board not proceed with the project.

Village President Jim Rafter made a motion not to proceed, which Trustee Lynn Green seconded.

Rafter said he recognized the importance of collaborating with neighboring communities, but could not support this particular project.

“In the end, I think for the number of concerns (Gehin) raised, and really, just trying to squeeze too much into a small parcel, I don’t think it’s a good idea to move forward,” he said.

Green said she couldn’t support any more traffic being added to the site.

“I’m with you, I think it’s too much crammed into one thing,” she said.

Rafter said the reason he made the motion was because of the residents who came out against the project.

“We really appreciate you coming out, being respectful to your community, caring about your community and joining the process,” he said.

The board unanimously voted down the project, a decision which was met with applause from those in attendance.

Ash tree removal

The board discussed different options the village can use to contract out the removal of 85 ash trees along the streets north of Highway 172.

Parks, Recreation & Forestry Director Chris Clark said it is fewer trees than the village originally anticipated because it has since learned the white ash trees are not affected by emerald ash borers as quickly as green ash.

Clark said the village received 12 quotes, with Treeo’s Tree Service offering the lowest estimate at a total not to exceed $36,730.

The cost estimate, including equipment, for village staff to complete the project, was $41,408.

The village set a budget of $38,000 for the project.

Clark said quotes were broken up into three parts: units east of Webster Avenue, units west of Webster Avenue and stump removal.

Trustee Rob Atwood made a motion to refer the project to village staff.

Green said she was worried staff would experience burnout from working the additional hours.

Trustee Matthew Harris asked if the board could split the units up, so only some of the project was contracted out.

The board voted unanimously to award units west of Webster Avenue and stump removal to the contractor at $23,948, and units east of Webster Avenue to the village staff at $13,925.

In other action:

• The board unanimously approved the preliminary plans for the Doty Safe Routes to School project, which will see sidewalks built along roads near Doty Elementary School.

• The board unanimously approved the real estate acquisition of land needed for the Doty Safe Routes to School sidewalks. There are 14 temporary and two permanent easements required.

• The board unanimously approved an amendment to Chapter 103: Records of Village Ordinances regarding how long parking tickets should be retained.

Now, the ordinance reads: “Tickets are retained for one year from payment of fine, or from the dismissal, stipulation, findings of fact, or other court order.”

• The board discussed the possibility of contracting with Bird Rides to put electric scooters in the city. It decided to see how Green Bay’s trial period goes before considering the project in Allouez.

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