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N.E.W. bicycling & walking: Get to know your local bicycle shop

By Peter and Tracy Flucke
Special to The Press Times

BROWN COUNTY – We are approaching the end of winter.

What do we do now?

Invest in your future happiness by getting your bicycle ready to go and developing a relationship with your local bike shop.

Having a relationship with a bicycle shop will enhance your bicycling experience more than you can imagine.

Need a new bike, have an older bike that will not shift properly, a flat tire, broken spoke or one that doesn’t fit right? That’s not a problem.

If you’re looking for a place to ride or a group to join, they also have you covered.

Your local bike shop knows the best bike for you is the one you ride.

They will do everything they can to keep you on the road or trail.

Can I fix up my old bike? Is it worth it? What type of new bike do I need?

The professionals can help you decide.

Beware of big box stores – they simply want to sell bikes.

Your local bicycle shop wants you to ride and enjoy your bike and will work with you when you need it repaired, if necessary.

Big box stores won’t do that.

Not all bikes, and the places that sell them, are created equally.

We are fortunate to have seven professional and one community bicycle shop here in the Greater Green Bay Area, which is quite unusual for a community of our size.

Take advantage of it – finding the right bicycle shop for you should not be a problem.

Picking a bicycle shop should be less about price and more about feel.

Visit a couple of shops: How close are they to where you live? How do you feel when you walk in the door?

Ask questions, and don’t be shy.

Think of it more like the relationship with your doctor and less like the one with a car dealership.

Developing a relationship with a shop and a mechanic is well worth your time.

Price is a factor, but a bike is always a good deal – if you ride it.

Bicycle shops have been caught in a whirlwind with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

On the upside, people are bicycling in greater numbers.

New bikes are flying out the door, and bike repairs are flying in.

On the downside, global supply chains for bikes and parts have been severely interrupted.

Bikes and parts can still be had, but availability may be limited.

It may take some patience to get what you want.

Undoubtedly, things will be more backed up than normal this spring when everyone gets the itch to ride.

Pro tips:

  • If you want a new bike, order it now.
  • If you need repairs or a tune-up, get them done while there is still snow on the ground.

We still have some cold ahead, but spring will be here before you know it, so you should be ready to ride when the time comes.

“Bicycles are more than a way to have fun. They’re life-changers. There’s nothing quite like the joy of bicycling. Whether on the road or trail, hopping on a bike is one of life’s simple pleasures and an easy way to stay healthy and happy. Plus, bicycles are perfect for getting around town, enjoying the scenery and heading out for new adventures. Best of all, every time we pedal our way forward, we not only get to where we’re going, but we also show the world just how powerful human power can be.” – People For Bikes

Local bike shops

The Bike Hub

1025 N. Broadway, De Pere 54115



Broken Spoke Bike Studio

115 Pine St. # 101, Green Bay 54301



JB Cycle & Sport

2500 Glendale Ave., Green Bay 54313



Old Skool Bicycle Shop

1250 Bellevue St.

Green Bay 54302



Pete’s Garage

142 N. Broadway

Green Bay 54303



Stadium Bike East

2633 Development Dr., Suite 20

Green Bay 54311



Stadium Bike West

2150 W. Mason St.

Green Bay 54303



Green Bay Bicycle Collective


418 4th St.

Green Bay 54304

Editor’s notes: Peter and Tracy Flucke are authors of the book “Coast to Coast on a Tandem” and owners of WE BIKE, etc., a national bicycle and pedestrian consulting business based in Ashwaubenon. Send questions to [email protected].

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