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Allouez village clerk-treasurer Baenen to retire

By Rich Palzewic
Staff Writer

ALLOUEZ – At its Oct. 6 virtual meeting, the Allouez village board announced clerk-treasurer Debbie Baenen will be retiring in January 2021.

“Debbie (Baenen) has done a great job with the village for many years and will be missed,” said trustee Rob Atwood, who ran the meeting because board president Jim Rafter was absent.

Per village code, the board was required to appoint someone new into the position, which they did by unanimous vote.

“With the upcoming retirement of Debbie, we’re recommending the appointment of deputy clerk Carrie Zittlow to the clerk-treasurer position,” said Atwood.

Zittlow will fill the unexpired term from Jan. 3, 2021 to May 1, 2021, and then be appointed for a full, three-year term with a starting salary of $64,000.

Zittlow has served as the deputy clerk since August 2015.

In other news, public works director Sean Gehin said some village residents will be receiving a letter on the new sidewalk clearing ordinance.

“To those with abutting sidewalks with the new policy, the letter will let them know about the changes made,” he said. “The changes will take effect this year with the first snowfall event. We have updated the map with the changes, and that will be placed on our website and Facebook page.”

After each snowfall event, the village will clear sidewalks adjacent to roundabouts and problem areas along Riverside Drive, Webster Avenue, Allouez Avenue and Brookridge Street.

In a snowfall event of 6 inches or more, the village will clear all other contiguous sidewalks, including Longview Avenue, Libal Street, Hoffman Road, Broadview Drive, Green Avenue, Woodrow Way and St. Joseph Street.

If less than 6 inches of snow falls, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to clear snow and ice from the sidewalks.

The owner of any property abutting any sidewalk must keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice as described above and after the initial clearing efforts by the village.

Residents have 48 hours after a snowfall to clear sidewalks of snow and ice.

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