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New buildings for Trinks, ServiceMaster approved in Ashwaubenon

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – Site plans to construct two buildings with around 40,000 square feet each were approved Tuesday, June 16, by the village’s Site Plan Review Committee.

After more than a half hour of discussion, the committee approved a 39,017-square-foot manufacturing building for Trinks, Inc. on a vacant lot at 3411 Packerland Dr., between Partnership Drive and West Main Avenue.

Community Development Director Aaron Schuette said the Trinks building will have a two-story office fronting Packerland Drive with the shop portion of the building extending to the east with the building and overall site plan designed to allow for future expansion to the north.

Schuette said the exterior building materials will consist of a mix of metal wall panels, aluminum composite wall panels, windows and block veneer.

Because the Trinks building is being constructed on property zoned BP-Business Park, he said metal wall panels facing a street are required to have a smooth or brushed finish under the village code, which wouldn’t allow raised rib or standing seam metal wall panels facing Packerland Drive.

Schuette said all metal panels are to utilize concealed fasteners and have a minimum 3-foot masonry wainscot from the finished grade as called for in the village code.

“The ordinance is written in a way that just says, ‘Look, this is what’s required,’” he said. “There’s an exception process for those really odd situations – a double-fronted lot or something like that.”

Committee members debated whether the masonry wainscot should be required in portions of the building where expansion could take place.

They discussed the possibility of allowing a landscape buffer to prevent the building from being hit.

“I don’t have a problem on buffering the building where it’s not exposed to traffic or anything, as long as a mower or something can’t hit it,” said Trustee Gary Paul. “Packerland is one of our main roads in the village. I have to agree we’ve got to keep the front facial looking as what our ordinance does say.”

The board passed a motion to approve the building with the side facing Packerland Drive on the west having the office, the warehouse portion having flat panels to abide by the village code, the north, east and south sides having panels with concealed fastener panels, the east side allowed to have a 3-foot landscape buffer and the north and south sides having the 3-foot masonry wainscot, along with staff conditions.


The committee also approved a request for a new headquarters for ServiceMaster at 3185 Market St., the site used for a cross-dock transfer facility for a trucking company.

Schuette said the new 44,200-square-foot building will be located immediately north of ServiceMaster’s existing location.

Because the lot ServiceMaster purchased to build the new facility fronts both Market Street and Interstate 41, he recommended an exception to the village requirement related to loading berths not occupying a front yard.

Schuette said the west side of the building fronting Market Street would have three overhead garage doors, while overhead garage doors would also be on the south side facing the existing ServiceMaster property.

“These are actually large overhead garage doors to accommodate their semi trucks as they go to large sites,” he said.
Schuette said the exterior building materials would be a mix of an exterior insulation and finish system, metal wall panels, overhead doors and clerestory windows.

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