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Lefebvre faces Corry for Brown County District 6

By Press Times Staff

BROWN COUNTY – Incumbent Kathy Lefebvre and Ken Corry advanced out of the February primary and will face each other April 7 for the right to represent District 6 on the Brown County board.

Lefebvre received 236 votes to Corry’s 140.

Both bested Paul Boucher, who received 63 votes and was eliminated.

District 6 includes the Bay Beach area on the east side of the Fox River.

The Press Times emailed each candidate the same questions and gave them 100 words to respond to each.

Kathy Lefebvre

Kathy Lefebvre

Why should people vote for you?

Being involved 50 years in the district, I have a proven track record of helping our residents with the issues facing them.

I have the experience and determination to continue fighting for them.

Over those years I have served on the following boards: President East Shore Drive Neighborhood Association, Green Bay Park Commissioner, Advisory Wildlife Sanctuary, Areas of Concerns DNR Advisory, and Habitat for Humanity Woman Build.

Finally, my experience serving two terms on the county board and one for city council.

What’s the biggest issue in District 6?

Finishing the projects that will benefit residents in District 6 (our libraries, museum, parks, etc.) and continuing our fiscal policies by not bonding and keeping taxes down.

I voted to reduce county debt from $150 million (2015) to $81.8 million for 2020.

This means big savings in interest for the taxpayers, helping to lower your county taxes this year and in the future.

What should be constructed on Renard Island?

Having talked to many in the district, they feel it should mirror the wildlife sanctuary with nature trails and maybe some fishing areas.

Ken Corry

Ken Corry

Why should people vote for you?

I’m a compassionate and caring individual who can work with anyone while being effective in ensuring that we don’t leave anyone behind.

I have a variety of life experiences serving in the military and the diversity in the cities that I’ve lived in.

I have an extensive background in many matters that county government deals with including mental health, suicide prevention, housing, youth, leadership and community involvement and inclusion.

I will bring new ideas and energy to the Brown County Board and District 6.

We must use tax dollars wisely and ensure that taxpayer dollars are treated responsibly.

What’s the biggest issue in District 6?

If elected, I would like to concentrate my efforts on community health issues, including mental health.

As a member of the Brown County Coalition for Suicide Prevention, I see the number of suicides. Our district has the highest rates.

We have to help those living with mental illness as well as the families of those involved.

They must be connected to the right people, and I know we can do better in Brown County on solving this issue.

One more thing, COVID-19 is currently hitting and emergency management must be looked into for all types of emergencies and disasters.

What should be constructed on Renard Island?

Renard Island could become a great asset to Brown County and Green Bay.

I would want to see amenities that would be a complement to the nearby Bay Beach Amusement Park, not in competition with it.

To make that happen, there must be cooperation between the City of Green Bay and Brown County which owns Renard Island.

I want it to be safe for all those that not only go on the island, but to the people and wildlife in the surrounding area.

We need to ensure we do not do damage to this delicate piece of land.

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