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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Jaddan Simmons – Green Bay Southwest girls’ basketball

By Murray Gleffe


Name: Jaddan Simmons

Activity: Girls’ basketball

Nickname: J

Jaddan Simmons is a senior on the Green Bay Southwest girls’ basketball team.

She recently broke the Green Bay metro girls’ scoring record (1,773 points) previously held by Natisha Hiedeman.

Simmons is currently averaging over 24 points, five steals and four assists a game.

She was recently named as a nominee to play in the McDonald’s All-American Game.

What’s it like to be a senior leader at Southwest? 

“It’s good to know I have the freshman looking up to me. Also, knowing this is my last year and everyone wants to get better and work for a state championship.”

Talk about signing with Arizona State University.

“Overall, it was the best choice when it came time for me being pushed the hardest, not only in practice but in the Pac-12. The coaching staff and team are a big part of why I choose the Sun Devils. I will also receive a great education.”

What’s your favorite thing about athletics?

“The competition I face and meeting new people who turn into family along the way.”

What’s your most embarrassing basketball moment?

“The first day of freshman year tryouts, we were warming up. When I was back peddling, I fell into everyone.”

What’s your most memorable moment?

“When my team and I went to Wisconsin Dells for team bonding.”

What’s something you’ve learned in the past week?

“There’s always someone trying to outwork you. You have to do more every day to become the best.”

Who on the team are you closest to?

“Mariah Rauschenbach and Jazzy Jackson. They were my first friends when I moved to Green Bay in the sixth grade, and we have always been there for each other.”

What’s your favorite thing about playing for head coach Berri West? 

“She brings energy to practice and makes it fun and exciting after a win. For example, she comes into the locker room after a game dancing and plays music.”

Talk about a volunteer experience where you helped someone.

“Helping feed the homeless in middle school during Christmas made me feel good to know I gave back to those in need.”

What will be the best thing about this season’s team?

“Knowing this is our last year and everyone is willing to put in the work and prove everyone wrong.”

What are your college aspirations? 

“To graduate, do more volunteer work and become a better person on and off the court.”

What would your dream job be once you graduate? 

“Play in the WNBA.”

How does the game come so easily for you?

“I don’t want to say it comes easy for me, but by putting in hard work and dedication every day, it makes the flow of the game easier.”

What are your hobbies? 

“Basketball and more basketball.”

Favorite thing to do in Green Bay in the summer?

“Hang with friends.”

What four words describe you? 

“Nice, funny, different, caring.”

What’s been your favorite trip?

“Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.”

Who’s your favorite basketball team?

“The Arizona State women’s basketball team.”

A 28-foot, three-point basket or a beautiful dime to a teammate?

“A beautiful dime to a teammate.”


Food: Pasta

Subject: Sign language

Color: Purple

Television show: “All-American”

City: Houston

Animal: Monkey

Athlete: Steph Curry

Holiday: Christmas/Thanksgiving


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