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Bellevue starting to plan for large-scale spring flooding

By Heather Graves

BELLEVUE – Last year, the Greater Green Bay area experienced significant spring flooding due to the wettest year in more than a century.

Village of Bellevue staff said at the Jan. 22 board meeting they fear this year could be worse, and though not much can be done to stop it, they are already planning for the village’s response.

“Right now, we are at the 100-year flood levels now, and they are predicting that we could go to the 500-year flood levels,” said Village Administrator Diane Wessel. “It’s not if, it’s when and how much and how long.”

Wessel said staff has been working with surrounding communities to launch a unified approach.

“We want to make sure residents know that they should plan. We should all be thinking about it now, so when it does happen, they are ready,” said Director or Public Works Andy Rowell. “I have been working fire and sheriff’s and emergency operations of Brown County. We’ve had several meetings. We are trying to plan ahead and get the word out. Be ready. If you live in a place that had issues last year, assume it is going to happen again. What are you doing to take care of yourself, or your neighbors? It’s going to be a big topic for us the next several months.”

Wessel said this prompted staff to look at ways to deal with expected spring flooding issues.

“This includes the potential of adding a sanitary back-up rider to the village’s liability insurance. Currently our liability insurance doesn’t cover it,” she said. “As well as the possibility that we may want to consider a second portable generator for the village’s lift stations in the event of a large-scale, regional, long-term power outage, which they are also predicting could happen. We’ll be bringing more details on these at the next board meeting.”

Staff is already communicating with residents on ways they can prepare for spring flooding – which includes installing sewer backup valves on their homes if they haven’t already and looking into the possibility of adding flood insurance if they don’t already have it.

More details can be found on the Village of Bellevue’s Facebook page.

Animal control services intergovernmental agreement

Trustees unanimously approved an intergovernmental agreement between the villages of Bellevue and Howard.

Wessel said the village has had a verbal agreement with the Village of Howard for animal control/humane officer services since 2009 when the Human Society ceased pick-up services.

The Village of Howard requested the verbal agreement be formalized in a written agreement.

The position is administered by Howard and Bellevue is billed for any services rendered within village limits.
The agreement is effective for one year and can be renewed on one-year increments.

Bellevue Citizens’ Advisory Committee meet-and-greet

The board voted unanimously to partner with The Bellevue Citizens’ Advisory Committee (BCAC) to co-host a meet-and-greet/voter registration event with county, state and federal representatives this coming May.

“If I, as a member of BCAC, were to make this invitation to our representatives, it wouldn’t go far,” said Roberta Atkinson, event organizer. “I need the clout of the village to co-host it with us. What we’d like to do, to contact anyone who in someway politically represents Bellevue and this particular area.”

The event will also include a spot for voter registration.

“I think it’s a good thing for the public,” Wessel said. “I think we’ll get some decent response, and I think with adding the voter registration to it it’s a good service to the public.”

The invitation the BCAC puts together, with help from village staff, will be brought back to the board for final approval before being sent out.

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