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Busy December for deputies in Bellevue

By Heather Graves

BELLEVUE – It was a busy December for deputies in the Village of Bellevue.

Bellevue Directed Enforcement Officer Trevor Bilgo presented the village board with a detailed report at the Wednesday, Jan. 8, meeting which highlighted all law enforcement activity in the village during the month.

“December, as you can see in the report, is quite high,” Bilgo said.

Much focus was put on 30 break-ins in the Bellevue area that were reported just in the month of December.

“The break-ins included the 15 locally in the Bellevue area and the 15 out in the county near or around Bellevue,” he said. “Most were storage units, with a significant hit on a construction company storage trailer. We are trying to contact the property owners and follow up with what is stolen.”

Bilgo said law enforcement believes more than one person is responsible for these break-ins.

“There are at least three or four individuals, we can’t connect them all but, that are working together,” he said.
Other high December numbers were traffic violations.

Deputies issued more than 100 traffic violations in December with the largest being operating while under the influence with 13 violations.

Bilgo said officers across the state, including in Brown County, focus enforcement efforts on operating while intoxicated statues.

“Curbing impaired/intoxicated driving remains a top priority for the Brown County Sheriff’s Office,” he said.

This follows Bilgo’s earlier report at the meeting in mid-December noting high numbers of retail thefts in the village, the most among the sheriff department’s jurisdiction.

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