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Ordinance amended for game day, special event parking

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – The village board agreed Tuesday, Nov. 26, to make another change to the ordinance related to special event or Packers game day parking.

The initial change took effect earlier this year, which used temporary signage posted by the Public Works Department at various times stating “No Parking by Police Order.”

Village Attorney Tony Wachewicz said the temporary signs have been stolen and village staff have had to spend time posting signs.

Wachewicz said the latest change will prohibit parking on Packers game days with permanent signs being installed.

“It would be specific to Packer game day as opposed to a Lambeau (Field) event, so there’s more clarity,” he said.

The ordinance amendment states, “No person shall park any vehicle on any street adjacent or near a Special Event or Lambeau Field when parking is prohibited by posted signs that read ‘No Parking by Police Order’ or ‘No Parking on Packer Game Day.’”

In cases of special events, Wachewicz said temporary signage would still be used.

Village Manager Allison Swanson said the temporary signs would be used for events not involving a Packers game.
Swanson said “there’s a lot of little events at Lambeau Field that create the confusion (about whether parking is restricted), and we don’t need to eliminate parking.”

“We actually want there to be parking,” she said.

Special event clarification

Board members also asked for clarification about what would be considered a special event.

Swanson said that would be determined when temporary signs are posted saying “No Parking by Police Order.”

Tom Rolling, Department of Public Safety interim chief of police operations, said the temporary signs will be used in areas where parking is not allowed, such as during a running event.

Tom Rolling

“We have signs that say no parking during this time or a day, so that’s where the special event is coming in and what you’re seeing,” he said. “The Department of Public Works is going to have to go out and hang up these signs, temporary signs, like the day before to say don’t park, because this obviously, a special event is going to happen.”

When asked about the free concert held outside Lambeau Field the Saturday before the first regular-season home game, Rolling said the Department of Public Safety will have to make sure there is no parking on nearby streets when congestion could be an issue.

“We are also looking at different ways to maybe see what we can do to make that whole area down there (near Lambeau Field) even safer… whether it be roads closed or something like that, but we are actually looking at that as well,” he said.

Swanson said parking restrictions related to special events can apply throughout the village, not just near Lambeau Field.

“We have 23 fun runs and walks in this community every year,” she said. “Those no parking signs, in all likelihood, are put up in most of those cases… The no parking special event is any process that goes through the clerk’s office and applies for a special event application, and then there’s a resulting no parking, in which this sign would be put up for no parking by police order.”

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