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Site plan approved to convert roller skating rink into church

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – The village’s Site Plan Review Committee approved a site plan Tuesday, Oct. 15, for the existing building at 731 Morris Ave. that formerly housed the Rola-Rena roller skating rink to be converted into a church.

Community Development Director Aaron Schuette said Woodland Church plans to add three overhead garage doors, a service door and patio on the west side of the building.

Schuette said the overhead garage doors would be glass to provide additional daylight into the gathering area and have an option to open to the patio area during warm weather.

He said additional windows and a second entry door will be added to the north elevation.

Schuette said the existing brick on the north elevation will remain, but will be painted.

He said the property is zoned B-3 Community Business and meets all dimensional requirements of the district.

Building connector

The committee also approved a site plan for Benmar Fabrication at 975 Glory Road to add a 960-square-foot connector between the two existing buildings on the site.

Schuette said exterior materials for the connector would be concealed fastener metal panels, while the front (north) elevation of the connector will have a three-foot masonry wainscot.

Though the south elevation will also use concealed fastener metal panels, he said it is not required to have a three-foot masonry wainscot because the project is within the I-1 Light Industry zoning district, and the addition is less than 75 percent of the total square footage of the building.

Schuette said the committee added a condition of approval calling for vegetative screening with the project.

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