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Pop-up campers may have to be removed from Allouez driveways during winter

By Lauren Waters

ALLOUEZ – The seasonal storing of trailers and campers was discussed during the Allouez village board meeting Tuesday, Oct. 15, particularly pop-up campers.

Allouez Code Enforcement Officer and Safety Coordinator Mike Lauder said he’d like to see the code for seasonal storing of camping equipment be consistent for all types.

Currently, the village ordinance states larger campers need to be removed from driveways during the winter months, but pop-up campers are allowed to remain in an owner’s driveway year-round.

“I guess I just couldn’t justify why we are making everyone else remove their campers, and yet allowing one specific camper to stay,” said Lauder. “If one camper has to go, then they all should go.”

As the ordinance currently states in Allouez, all non-seasonal trailers and campers need to be removed from a resident’s driveway by Nov. 15.

Snowmobile trailers are allowed to be kept in a resident’s driveway during the winter months, and ATV trailers are allowed year-round, but only if the trailer appears to be actually used.

Village President Jim Rafter asked if pop-up campers could be seen as seasonal to those camping in the winter.

Village Administrator Brad Lange said it is possible some residents may be using these campers during hunting or ice fishing seasons.

Rafter said he thought it would be good to keep the code consistent for all types of campers.

Board Trustee Jim Genrich asked Lauder if this discussion was a result of outcry from village residents.

Lauder said this issue has taken up a lot of his time throughout the years, especially in regards to the larger camper-owners’ frustrations.

“All year long when I’m patrolling the village, you see these pop-ups just sitting there,” said Lauder. “I think this change would make the village look a lot more presentable and would also stop any arguments from any of the other camper-owners.”

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