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Hobart board divides lots, sets public hearings

By Ben Rodgers

HOBART – For fans of normal village board operating procedure, the Tuesday, Aug. 20, Hobart village board meeting did not disappoint.

The board handled its business and divided multiple lots and set multiple public hearings for future meetings.

The most discussion centered around a proposal to approve a four-lot certified survey map that would divide two parcels totaling 2.6 acres into four separate parcels in the 4100 block of Hillcrest Drive and the 1200 block of North Sedona Circle inside the Thornberry Creek Estates subdivision.

Dan Bake of the Thornberry Creek Homeowners Association requested the item be postponed to the next meeting so he could attempt to contact the developer.

“What we like to do is have an opportunity to talk with Mr. Steeno (the property developer) and see if we can get some assurance that what will be done there will maintain some consistency throughout Thornberry Creek,” Bake said.

The village board agreed to postpone its decision to the next meeting on Sept. 3

The board did decide to divide a 10.04-acre parcel in the 800 block of Fernando Drive into two 5.02-acre lots.

It also divided one 9.4-acre parcel into two separate parcels of roughly seven and two acres at 750 Centerline Drive to accommodate the newly-completed water tower.

Finally, the board divided a roughly 7.4-acre parcel into two lots, one 5.2 and one 2.2 acres at 2787 Packerland Drive.

The purpose of this is for the Village of Ashwaubenon to purchase part of the parcel to construct a stormwater pond.

Every time a new lot is created in Hobart, it is contingent on the applicant paying a $300 park fee.

The board also established the following public hearings for its Sept. 17 meeting:

• Rezoning a parcel at 4660 Wedgestone Court from Estate Residential to R2 Residential.

• A conditional use permit to allow a homeowner to build a garage larger than what is allowed without a permit.

• A conditional use permit to amend the existing planned development overlay on Ponce De Leon Boulevard for Polo Point and two additions.

• A rezoning request in the 600-700 block of Trout Creek Road from R2 Residential to R2R Residential.

The board also scheduled a public hearing for the Oct. 1 meeting to consider a street vacation for an unnamed right-of-way not being utilized.

The village owns the land and is looking to sell it to a developer. This street vacation would make the property more developable, said Village Administrator Aaron Kramer.

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