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Gallagher’s Pizza opens in Suamico

By Ben Rodgers

SUAMICO – Due to increasing demand, Gallagher’s Pizza has opened a new restaurant in Suamico, it’s fourth in the area, to better serve customers.

“Two reasons,” said co-owner Kevin Osadjan of the expansion. “One reason is to supply the best pizza in Wisconsin to our friends in the Suamico-Howard area. The second piece of that is we need to carve off, or cannibalize, a bit of our business off the West Mason Street store, because our delivery times on the weekends were exceeding an hour and a half.”

Gallagher’s now has locations on Reid Street in De Pere, on Webster Avenue in Allouez, West Mason Street in Green Bay and now in Suamico located in the Urban Edge Towne Centre.

With the expansion, Gallagehr’s can serve more hungry customers with delivery, but it will only serve those within a 10-minute drive of each restaurant.

“We want to provide good, quality, hot food, and once you start extending out further than that, you’re jeopardizing the integrity of the food and we prefer not to do that,” Osadjan said.

The food quality at an affordable price is one of the reasons people keep coming back for more.

“We specialize in Italian food, especially our pizza,” he said. “However, we are diversified enough to satisfy any palate, because we have chicken, we have ribs, we have fish, we have salads, we have pasta, we have sandwiches, we have appetizers and our burgers are delicious.”

The new Gallagher’s Pizza in Suamico is the fourth location in the area, meaning more people are now within delivery range. Ben Rodgers Photo

Those who live outside of the delivery range of a Gallagher’s and bring the family to one of the four locations will find a family restaurant first, Osadjan said.

“We’re trying to provide a family-oriented environment that provides the best food at a fair price, with great service,” he said. “We don’t promote happy hour, we don’t have people shaking dice at the bar, we’re definitely a restaurant first that has a bar.”

Part of that family experience is having a game room at all four locations, the new Suamico restaurant included.

“The intent is mom and dad and kids in tow can come in, have a great meal, enjoy a beverage, kids can run into the game room for 15 or 20 minutes, mom and dad can relax and they’re not spending a gazillion dollars,” Osadjan said. “That’s what we want to provide in here.”

With such a wide array of food options on the menu, people who have trouble deciding what to order also have the opportunity to try a little bit of everything.

Gallagher’s offers a buffet everyday for lunch from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., except Sunday, and offers a buffet on Monday nights.

“At lunch time or the buffet on Monday nights, we provide excellent food at a fair price fast,” he said. “People can get in and out of here if they have only 15 minutes, if they want,” Osadjan said.

But personally, he thinks people should enjoy the food, because it’s a great snapshot of the full menu.

“We don’t chince on our buffet,” he said. “So everything on our buffet is on our menu.”

Osadjan said the key to being able to expand is treating people right.

“The customer is the most important,” he said. “What people also have to realize, too, is our external customers, people coming in and ordering our food, and our internal customers, the people we work with, that relationship is also very important, because without a friendly family-like atmosphere with your employees, you’re not going to be able to instill that behavior when it comes to treating your external customers, and they’ll feel it.”

Also, Osadjin and fellow co-owner, John Hubbard, have had support throughout the years from their wives, Laurie and Denise, respectively.

“Obviously, they supported for the last 18 years,” Osadjin said. “Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

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