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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Hannah Bearson – West De Pere softball

By Murray Gleffe


Name: Hannah Bearson

Parents: Shirley and Kevin Bearson

Activity: Softball

Twitter: @hannahbearson

Hannah Bearson is a recent graduate of West De Pere High School where she was a member of the softball team that advanced to the sectional finals this past season.

She said being a high-level athlete means to move forward from a mistake and keep your energy high throughout an entire game.

The softball team had another great season. What do you attribute to the team’s success?

“It was a result of being able to play together as a team. We had nearly the same team as last year, but everyone knew their role, and the trust was already established.”

Who was the toughest opponent you faced?

“Seymour. Unfortunately, we lost conference championships to them the past couple of years.”

What was your most embarrassing moment in softball?

“When I swung at a super high pitch.”

Talk about the community of West De Pere and how much sports revolve around it.

“I moved to West De Pere in the summer of 2017. Whether it’s football, soccer, basketball or any other sport, there is always endless support from the community. I was out at a restaurant after a softball game earlier this year and a gentleman asked me how our game went without even knowing me or any of my teammates. Wearing a jersey at West De Pere was something to take pride in.”

Talk about Coach Zimdars.

He has a passion for this sport and cares about the success of the program so much. He always said ‘If you guys want it half as bad as I do, we’ll be in good shape.’ He’s a great coach.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be?

“I would want to be my dog.”

Which would you rather be able to do: pitch 80 mph on a consistent basis or hit a 300-foot blast once in your lifetime?

“Pitch 80 mph on a consistent basis.”

Did you have a nickname?

“My teammates called me HB.”

Celebrity crush?

“Cole Sprouse or Matt Damon.”

What is one thing that other classmates or teachers didn’t know about you?

“A lot of people don’t know that I used to play basketball. I ended up not playing my sophomore year because I was involved in theater at Marinette High School.”

What is the best softball field you have played on?

“Plover. It was a long time ago, but I remember the dirt didn’t scratch me up when I slid.”

What are your college aspirations?

“I am attending UW-Madison for a degree in biochemistry. I hope to eventually pursue medical research.”

 City or state you plan on living in after college?

“I’m not sure where I would like to live. Maybe Colorado – lots of good skiing.”

What two words describe you?

“Honest, kind.”

South America or Asia?

“South America.”

If you didn’t play softball, what other sport do you think you could have excelled in?

“I think I could have been good at track and field. I ran in middle school and loved it, but I stopped as soon as softball started.”

How do you want to be remembered at West De Pere?

“As a good friend to my teammates.”

Favorite sound of summer?

“Country music blaring with the windows down in my ‘07 Honda Civic.”

Biggest sports achievement?

“Getting second team all-conference for outfield the past two years.”

Ice coffee or hot chocolate?

“Iced coffee. I prefer black cold brew coffee.”

What are three cities you haven’t been to that you would love to sightsee in?

“Venice, San Francisco and Buenos Aires.”

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

“I see myself working in a lab discussing possible scientific solutions to global issues. I’ll live in a small apartment in a city with a dog.”


Food: Blue Moon ice cream

Subject in school: Physics

Current Netflix movie: Gerald’s Game

Park to play catch: Sand Acres Park

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