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Pulaski High School students get ready for spring play

PULASKI – Pulaski High School students are busy rehearsing this year’s spring play “Wynn Fairly, Champeen Rassler!” by Billy St. John for two performances at 7 p.m. Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27 at Pulaski High School.

Appropriate for audience members of all ages, the show also includes humorous skits written by the students themselves.

The main storyline focuses on Jim’s Gym, where the wrestling championship occurs and WGAL, the all-female radio station.

Wynn Fairly, played by Hunter Chrisman, falls in love with the sweet radio jingle singer Doe Ramey, played by Alyssa Bruckert.

A trio of villains Tara Boneaparte (Sophia Sperduto), Rowdy Ruthless (Benjamin Petroll), and Evileen Ruthless (Ava Baenen) hatch a scheme to steal the wrestling prize money.

Radio production staff Hedda Fuller-Eyre (Allison Carter), Rhoda Rooter (Jade Sampo), Eve Dropper (Amber Ahlswede) and Linda Neer (Avery McCallum) have to create a plan to save Doe when she is kidnapped.

The staff of Jim’s Gym, Jim Locker (Mickey Wirtz), Squinty Peepers (Adrian Caylor), and Belle Boynker (Abby Harris) help Wynn try to win his championship.

The town’s leadership Mayor Mae Bea Knott (Lauryn Wessely), Buck N. Vestor (Marcus Moss) and Mort Ripley (Cole O’Brien) make decisions that play right into the villains’ dastardly plans.

Poor Bertha De Blooze (Oriana Cheney) just wants to find her man.

The cast is completed by fight fans who also perform the student-written skits: Abigail Cheney, Regina Clark, Grace Drake, Sophie Goska, Garret Horn, Allie Huber, Rylee Miller, Lindsey Seaquist, Willow Tanner, Katelyn Wessely, Bailey White and Karissa Willette.

Directors Amy Tubbs and Kimberlee Miller are assisted by student director Ashley Valeria.

The stage crew includes Gabrielle Campshure, Jade Chrisman, Sinai Guzman, Gavin Naumann, Rachel Pagel, Alyssa Rettke and Nicholas Symons.

Sophomore Avery McCallum enjoys spending time with everyone participating in this year’s show, explaining “It’s a really great community of actors, and even though a lot of us don’t know each other that well, we all get along.”
Senior Benjamin Petroll agrees.

“What I like the most about Spring Play is not only participating in something so fun, but also the opportunity to be with friends I normally don’t see often during school,” Petroll said. “It also gives me a chance to make new friends.”
Senior Sophia Sperduto said, “I enjoy spring play because the scripts are hilarious, the people are great, and above all, we have fun – both on stage and off.”

Audience members are encouraged to participate in the show by booing and hissing the villains, cheering on the hero and sighing for the heroine.

Tickets are $7 and will be available at the door.

All seats are general seating.

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