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Senior Spotlight: Charlie Hooyman – De Pere wrestling

Charlie Hooyman
Charlie Hooyman (Julie Van Dyke Photo)

By Rich Palzewic
Sports Editor

Charlie Hooyman (HOY-MEN) is a 5-foot-11 senior on the De Pere High School wrestling team.

In his spare time, he likes fishing, hunting and riding on the ATV.

Hooyman plans to attend NWTC in Green Bay to study electrical distribution, with the hopes of becoming a lineman.

Name: Charlie Hooyman

Nickname: Captain Carpet

School: De Pere

Sport: Wrestling

Weight class: 195

Parents: Carrie and Tim

Interesting last name – what nationality are you?

“I’m half German and half Dutch.”

Captain Carpet?

“I have this really rough hair, so since I’m a captain, one of the freshmen on the team just started calling me that.”

Tell me about your family.

“I have an older brother named Andy who is 20 and attends UWGB. Both of my parents went to De Pere High School.”

Do you come from a sport’s family?

“My brother was a wrestler and played football, my dad was also a wrestler and played football and my mom played volleyball and basketball.”

Have you always just done wrestling in high school?

“I did football from my freshman through junior year, but I didn’t play my senior year. I wanted to concentrate on wrestling.”

How about a high school sport you wish you would have done?

“I miss baseball – I played when I was younger.”

What’s the hardest part about a wrestling match?

“The mental game – you have to be stable enough to know that you are better than your opponent. You can’t go out there as a nervous wreck.”

Would you rather wrestle a tall, lanky wrestler, or a short, stout one?

“A tall, lanky one. When wrestlers are shorter, they have a lot more muscle they can put on for their weight. They are harder to take down because their legs aren’t exposed.”

What are your chances to make it to state?

“I will have the No. 1 seed at regionals and sectionals, so I am hopeful to make it to Madison this year.”

What’s it like having Matt Kincade as your head coach?

“He’s one of the best coaches anyone could have. He builds you up mentally, knows your strengths and weaknesses and gets to know you as a person.”

What would be your most memorable wrestling moment?

“My sophomore year I didn’t start off well. Coach Kincade took me aside and chewed me out about how I wasn’t doing my best. I was 5-5 at the time but ended that season 36-10. I became a harder worker from there on out.”

How about a most embarrassing moment?

“Last year at sectionals I wrestled a guy that the week before I had pinned. I wrestled so bad and I lost that match. I was embarrassed that I let it slip away.”

Which teammate, past or present, would you not want to wrestle against if he was on the opposing team?

“Max Bruss who took second at state from last season. He just knew so much.”

How will Charlie Hooyman be remembered at De Pere?

“Hopefully as a captain that helped his teammates along and gave them the confidence to succeed.”

Dogs or cats?


Tiny house or treehouse?


Booth or table?


Early bird or night owl?

“Night owl.”

Sunset or sunrise?



Phone app: Snapchat

Food: Steak

Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Favorite sport to watch at De Pere: Football

Holiday: Christmas

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