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Yankee Darlings back to help HEA for the fifth time

By Ben Rodgers

ASHWAUBENON – Two area graduates will be back for the fifth time singing their hearts out for a cause they firmly believe in.

The Yankee Darlings, formerly known as Manditori, are returning to the area for V, a fundraiser for the Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary.

“I hope people leave feeling inspired to make a difference,” said Mandi Sagal, one half of Yankee Darlings, in an email interview from Nashville. “I hope that the inspiration will turn into the action of making a difference for the animals at Happily Ever After. That could be through volunteering, donating, adopting, fostering, or educating the community. There are so many ways to help this cause and I hope we can really get people involved in doing so.”

The duo is no stranger to helping out, as this will be there fifth time helping HEA, hence the name V.

“When you combine supporting our hometown, our extreme love for animals, and the ability to use music as our platform to raise awareness, you get something spectacular,” said Tori Moussaed, the other half of the group, in an email from Nashville. “HEA is doing a fantastic job at giving a voice to animals and we are so honored to be part of their journey towards saving every single one.”

Through the work of the sanctuary and its adoption, education, spay/neuter, rehabilitation and sanctuary programs, the mission of Happily Ever After is to provide a loving home to every companion animal that enters its care – lifetime guaranteed.

The Yankee Darlings have taken that mission to heart doing their part saving animals, and they want others to do the same.

Currently Sagal has five four-legged children (two dogs and three cats), Joey, Lacy, Nala, Chloe, and Gus, an HEA alumnus.

Moussaed has four fur babies (two dogs and two cats), Ramsey, Xena, Raja and Mia.

“We both have grown up with a house full of fur babies, so animals have always been considered immediate family to us,” Moussaed said.

Shortly after graduating from Bay Port High School in 2012, the duo has set out on following their dreams of becoming recording artists.

Sagal said everyone who saw them growing up can come and see the work they have put in and experience the new sound while helping HEA save animals.

“We have been working really hard in the studio with our producer, creating a unique sound,” Sagal said. “I have been writing like crazy. We shot our first music video last month and have been getting ready for a big release. We spent most of 2018 prepping for 2019. We have some really exciting things in the works right now and we can’t wait to show our fans what Yankee Darlings is all about.”

But, both believe the cause for the paws is reason enough to attend.

“In a world where we have so many resources and tools to be saving these animals, there shouldn’t even be a crisis,” Moussaed said. “Unfortunately there is, and we need as many people to come out to this show as possible. HEA has goals. So we know that this concert will be a perfect opportunity to shed some light on just how much these animals need our help, however we can give it, and have fun at the same time. We’ve got a night full of education and unbeatable entertainment.”

Tickets for the fundraiser are $25 and are available at heanokill.org, or at the shelter at 2255 Fox Heights Lane, Ashwaubenon.

V is at 7 p.m., Dec. 8 at the Ashwaubenon PAC, 2391 S. Ridge Road.

For more information, visit heanokill.org or like Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary Inc. on Facebook.

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